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Virtual Solution Center (VSC) replacement update


Lexmark is replacing the Virtual Solution Center (VSC) with Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management (CFM) at the end of 2021.

In addition to matching the features of VSC, CFM will offer many new capabilities for remote management of Lexmark devices and data collection from any printer or MFP. Unlike VSC, CFM does not require you to be on the same local network in order to perform tasks.*


Deploy eSF applications

Scheduled Firmware Update

Customize Home screen Icons

Device Settings Configuration

Deploy Shortcuts and Phonebooks

Download Log Files

Collect Page Counters and supplies levels/info

Collect Device Status and alerts

Send Support Messages to Touchscreen

If there is a need to deploy licensed apps, Package Builder is available. Reports from VSC will not be migrated, if you use this data, you will need to manually export it for reference. Access to Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management will require users to login. There will not be an unauthenticated method for Cloud Fleet Management access similar to vsc.lexmark.com/public.

If there is no access to Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management, contact your Lexmark representative and/or Territory Sales Manager. See Partnernet for more information about Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management, including training and video walkthroughs.

*After initial enrollment of a device, all further actions can be performed remotely with no need for VPN or other local network access.


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