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Finding the printer Serial Number and Machine Type Model Number (MTMN)​

The MTMN is on the label together with the serial number of the printer. The serial number is marked with the field label SN in green. The MTMN is marked with the field label TYPE in blue.​

Example label

Label locations

The location may vary by printer. The following are the most common locations:​

Serial number help - front cover

On the printer front cover​

Example models: B3340, M1342, MS431

Behind the printer front cover​

Example models: CS725, CS735, C4352​

Below or underneath a tray​

Example models: B2236, MB2236, CS820​

Finding the printer model number

The location may vary by printer.  The following are the most common locations:

Model number help - control panel

Control panel area

Example models: CX431, C3224, CS331

Model help - scanner base

Scanner base area

Example models:  MB3442, MX431, XM1342

Model help - top cover

Top cover area

Example models:  MS331, B3340, M1342