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How to find Machine Type Model Number

What is a “Machine Type Model Number” or MTMN?

When combined with the serial number (SN), the 7-digit or 13-digit value provides the printer's service options and warranty status to the technical service representatives. 

Finding the Machine Type Model Number

The Machine Type Model Number will be located on label with the device serial number. The MTMN will be marked with the field label “TYPE”. 

Here are some examples of label with the Machine Type Model field highlighted.


Example of a horizontal MTMN label
Example of a vertical MTMN label

These locations may vary by device, but the most common locations are:

  • Behind or underneath a front printer cover.
Label location next to toner
Label location next to paper feeder
  • On a front printer cover
Label location on toner door (opt 1)
Label location on toner door (opt 2)
  • Below or beneath a paper tray. 
Label location on paper tray