Support article for Lexmark X658DE

FW6.3 (.P817) release notes

Lexmark FW6.3 release notes (August 2019)

Base firmware EC6.3, Ly.xx.P817, for the following devices (changes since EC6.2, Ly.xx.P631g)

New features:

  • Changes in Ly.xx.P631j/k
    • Added support for SMBv2 and SMBv3
      • Please see KB article # FA1227 for the instructions on how to enable SMBv3
    • Added support for TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2
    • Updated open SSL to version 1.0.2

Security issues addressed:

  • Changes in Ly.xx.P817
    • SNMP Denial of Service Vulnerability - CVE-2019-9931
    • Lexmark Overflow Vulnerabilities
      • CVE-2019-9930
      • CVE-2019-9932
      • CVE-2019-9933
    • Account Lockout - CVE-2019-10058
    • Information Disclosure via finger service - CVE-2019-10059
    • USB My MFP version 3.3.2
    • Shortcut Integrity vulnerability - CVE-2019-6489
    • Directory Traversal Vulnerability - CVE-2018-18894
    • Lexmark Buffer Overflow Vulnerability - CVE-2018-15519
  • Changes in Ly.xx.P631j/k
    • Orpheus' Lyre Vulnerability – CVE-2017-11103
    • Logjam Vulnerability in Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange – CVE-2015-4000
    • FREAK: Factoring Attack on RSA-Export Vulnerability – CVE-2015-0204
    • GHOST Glibc Buffer Overflow Vulnerability – CVE-2015-0235
    • POODLE Vulnerability – CVE-2014-3566
    • Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities
      • CVE-2014-0224
      • CVE-2014-0198
      • CVE-2010-5298
      • CVE-2014-3470
      • CVE-2014-0076
    • Changes in Ly.xx.P817
      • CVE-2014-3566 (POODLE SSLv3 vulnerability)
      • CVE-2015-0235 (GHOST glibc vulnerability)
      • CVE-2015-0204 (FREAK OpenSSL vulnerability)
      • CVE-2015-4000 (Logjam OpenSSL vulnerability)
      • CVE-2016-2183 (Sweet32 DES/triple DES cipher vulnerability)
      • CVE-2017-11103 (Orpheus' Lyre Heimdal Kerberos vulnerability)

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Changes in Ly.xx.P817
    • Fix for a crash that occurs when attempting to access print release on certain devices running Ly.xx.P631j/k or Ly.xx.P8zz firmware
  • Changes in Ly.xx.P631k
    • Fix for an issue where the printer becomes stuck in a Busy state and cannot flash firmware after printing IPDS duplex jobs.