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Macintosh OS X 10.4, 10.5, & 10.6 - Unable to Download (Scan-to-PC) Application List and Cannot Print or Scan

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Corrupt loginwindow.plist; Firewall preventing communication; New printer cannot communicate; Cannot print; Printer turned off no longer communicating; Cannot scan; Unable to download application list; New IP address; New router; New network; DHCP reservations list; Lease expiration; Static IP; Mac 10.4.x; 10.5.x; 10.6.x;


What You Will See

With reference to a wireless network environment, you may notice any of the following symptoms:
  • It is not possible to retrieve the 'Scan-to-Mac' application list during the Downloading Application List step from the control panel, which is a requirement for a successful network scan operations.
  • You are unable to scan.
  • You are unable to print.

IMPORTANT! This concern ONLY applies when using Lexmark Scan Applications; i.e., Scan Center and Lexmark All-In-One (AOI) Center. This does NOT apply when using Macintosh's Image Capture application (ICA) or any other third-party scan software.


Probable Explanations


Required Applications are not running

This functionality is handled by two applications:
  • XXXXX Series Button Monitor - XXXXX refers to the Printer model number
  • LexmarkNetworkServices

 Verify that these applications are running in the Activity Monitor. You can gain access to the Activity Monitor via Applications > UtilitiesClick here for an illustration.


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Required Applications blocked by Firewall

If the applications are running, you should next test for a possible firewall condition:
1 Click on System Preferences.
2 Click on Security.
3 Click on Firewall.
4 Temporarily select "Allow all incoming connections". Click here for an illustration.
5 Test again. If the application list successfully transmits, you will need to create permanent exceptions for the above mentioned applications.
6 Perform a similar procedure with any third party firewall software application.

NOTE: For Macintosh OS X 10.4.x (Tiger) --- System Preferences > Sharing > Firewall with a 'Start' or 'Stop' button to allow or prevent all incoming connections. Click here for an illustration.


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Corrupted loginwindow.plist

A corrupted loginwindow.plist can prevent the 'Button Monitor' and 'LexmarkNetworkService' application from starting properly. This loginwindow.plist is located in the /Library/Preferences folder. Click here for an illustration.
NOTE: Avoid duplicate loginwindow.plist found under/Users//Library/Preferences, since it is not edited by the Lexmark installation software. Try the following:
1 Rename the old loginwindow.plist to something like loginwindowold.plist.
2 Select it by clicking on the file icon. Then click on the filename, in order to rename the file. Alternatively, Ctrl + click offers a similar option.
3 Reinstall your printer software. This will create a new loginwindow.plist.

IMPORTANT! If you do not rename the old loginwindow.plist, it will remain in a corrupted state and the reinstallation of the printer software may not fix the problem. If necessary, the 'old' .plist can be used for further diagnosis.

WARNING! Advanced users can edit the corrupt loginwindow.plist, but Lexmark cannot be held responsible for any lost application functionality or other side-effects.

The sample illustration below shows a normal loginwindow.plist, and excludes other application entries that may be seen by the enduser.

Click Image to Enlarge

The sample illustration below shows a corrupted loginwindow.plist, as seen in a text editor.

Click Image to Enlarge


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The Importance of knowing your printer's IP Address value

  • The printer IP address is programmed into the software during the initial-installation of the printer software.
  • When you select 'Download Application List', a check is performed for the original configured IP address.
NOTE: If the printer picked up a new IP address, you may have to uninstall and reinstall the printer software by inserting the installation CD into your CD/DVD drive, and re-running the 'Lexmark Setup Assistant' (LSA) or 'Wireless Configuration/Setup Utility' (WCU/WSU). This should be visible in the Lexmark Extras Folder or the bottom of the initial-installation screen.
Possible reasons for having a new printer IP address:
  • The printer was turned 'Off' for an extended period of time.
  • The router (AP) was replaced or reset*.
  • The DHCP leased IP address of the router has expired, and your printer's IP address went to a different device on the network. Your printer picked up a new IP address from the router.
  • Printer warranty replacement. Why? A new wireless network adapter and corresponding MAC(UAA) address will require reconfiguration using the Wireless Setup Utility.
  • The printer moved to a new location on a different network.

    * 'router' (AP) reset types: 

    • A 'soft' reset is the result of removing the power plug and, after a brief pause, reconnecting the plug into the power receptacle.
    • A 'hard' reset is the result of depressing the small button with a fine-point object, such as the tip of a pen.
    • A 'hard' reset can also result if a configuration utility option, such as 'reset router', was selected through the embedded web server or another router configuration software.
Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) - This router feature is responsible for device IP address assignment.
AP - Access Point.
Embedded Web Server (EWS) – This is the network device's web page. For example, http://printer_IP_address or http://router_IP_address, where printer/router_IP_address is the TCP/IP address of the printer or router.
Media Access Control – Universally Administered Address (MAC – UAA) – is a unique address associated with a network adapter. Look at the sticker on the back of the printer to locate this 12-digit hexadecimal address. 


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Preventative Measures

When your network printer was installed, the printer's IP address (e.g., got stored on your Mac. This can become a problem if your printer receives a different IP address (e.g., Hence, a communication error occurs because your Mac will look for the original IP address. To summarize, the reasons your printer may receive a different printer IP address:

  • Replaced router
  • Reset router
  • Printer idle for extended period of time, or period of inactivity resulting in the printer receiving a different IP address.
  • New router
  • New network (location)
  • DHCP administered TCP/IP address lease expiration.

Again, you will have to use the Lexmark Setup Assistant located on your printer's installation CD to re-establish communication.


Possible prevention measures, to include:

  • Configure your access point or router to give the printer a Static IP address. Please refer to your access point or router's manual on setting a static IP address.
  • Add the printer's MAC (UAA) and TCP/IP address to the router's DHCP reservations list. Refer to the router's enduser documentation.
Why is this helpful? If the printer is unplugged or turned off for any length of time, this will ensure that the router's DHCP IP address assignment remains unchanged when the printer (MAC address) is again rediscovered on the network.
  • Open the printer's embedded web server, and set the printer's IP address to Static. See Embedded Web Server above, in order to access the printer's webpage. Click here for an illustration. 
Why is this helpful? It has the same effect as the above mentioned action. However, this will not reserve the IP address unless it is added to the DHCP reservations list on the router. 
  • Extend the DHCP TCP/IP lease expiration time on the router. Refer to the router's enduser documentation.
Why is this helpful? It has the same effect as the above mentioned actions. However, if your printer is turned off for a longer period of time than the router's lease expiration time, you will still have to reconfigure the printer using the Wireless Configuration/Setup Utility.


Still Need Help?

If you require additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printers machine/model type and serial number (SN).
Please call from near the computer and printer, in case the technician asks you to perform a task on one or both of these devices.


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