Paper Jam Troubleshooting on 2009 Printers

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Paper Jam



When troubleshooting paper jams on Lemark's 2009 printer models, make sure you also check the horizontally aligned sponge located below the printhead. Should you have a paper jam and want to pull out the paper from inside the printer, there is a possibility that you will also pull out some parts of the sponge. The improperly placed sponge may then cause the paper to jam again. 


If you realize that the sponge is not in its proper position, you will need to push it to the correct position (as seen on the images below). Then, when paper goes through the rollers, it will not be blocked by the sponge.


Properly placed sponge (Click for larger a view.) Improperly placed sponge (Click for a larger view.)


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