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Lexmark CS923

Troubleshooting 170.73, 166.73, 167.73 and 168.73 Error Codes

It has been observed that there are reports of error messages and print quality defects after the setup and installation of these devices

Print Quality issues on newly installed devices are most commonly due to the non-removal of packaging material.

The printer posts any of the following error 1xx.73 codes, where xx is any number from 0, 6,7 and 8:

  • 170.73 – Tray 1 lift plate did not move to the correct…
  • 166.73 – Tray 2 lift plate did not move to the correct…
  • 167.73 – Tray 3 lift plate did not move to the correct…
  • 168.73 – Tray 4 lift plate did not move to the correct…

Note: The 2500 - sheet tray error code is similar to the Tray 3 lift plate error.

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