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   Use of Power Strips (RPT), Surge Devices (RTP+), and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) with Lexmark Laser Printers and Multifunction Products 02/05/14         
   LDD 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, and 4.8: Supported Devices for Lexmark Document Distributor (LDD) 02/04/14         
   Firewall Preventing Communication or 'Communication Failure' Error when Trying to Scan, Print, or Perform a Smart Solution Function 02/03/14         
   Resource Guide to Fax Troubleshooting Topics and Other Fax Related Information (Dec.'09) 02/03/14         
   Information Required to Escalate Scan to E-mail Issues 02/03/14         
   900.00 Firmware when Performing a Scan Function that Utilizes MRC Compression 01/31/14         
   Lexmark Security Advisory: HTML Vulnerability in 'Contact' and 'Location' Settings 01/30/14         
   Lexmark CXx10, XC2132 – Troubleshooting 283.03 Scanner Jam 01/23/14         
   Lexmark W840, W850, X85x, and X86x - The Printer Displays a 202 Type 'Paper Jam' Message (202.01, 202.02, etc.) 01/23/14         
   Firmware Technical Service Bulletin – Fax Setting Enhancements for MX (XM) and CX (XC) Multi-Function Devices (December – January 2014) 01/22/14