Last Updated
   Printer Is Unable to Send E-mail Notification when Supply Is Low 11/06/14         
   Unable to Staple IPDS Print Jobs from AS400 11/06/14         
   EC4.05 Firmware Update Instructions for Lexmark MFPs with AccuRead OCR and/or Advanced E-mail Settings App Installed 11/06/14         
   SNF Format Reverts to TIFF – Single File Even when Default Scan Setting Is Set to TIFF – Multiple Files 11/06/14         
   Unable to Scan to HomeDirectory when HomeDirectory Attribute Is an IP Address 11/06/14         
   A 900.80 Firmware Error Displays on Lexmark MFPs 11/06/14         
   Lexmark Print Service Plug-in – List of Possible Issues, Support and Limitations (October 2014) 11/05/14         
   Information Required to Escalate Lexmark Print Service Plug-in Issues 11/04/14         
   SNF, SoCo, and OCR: The Printer Does Not Have Enough Memory to Perform This Operation 10/31/14         
   Repeating '200.11 Paper Jam' or '201.08 Paper Jam' on a Lexmark C746, C748, X746, and X748 Color Laser Printer 10/29/14