Last Updated
   ‘Master’ or ‘Backup’ Printer Hangs at Authentication Screen During Card Validation or User Authentication 11/06/14         
   A ‘Connection to Print Management Client Failed’ Error Displays when Launching Print Release 11/06/14         
   Table Gridlines Do Not Appear when Scanning Using RTF or TXT Format 11/06/14         
   Unable to Scan to NetApp Share Folder when Using SNF on a SCAC-enabled MFP 11/06/14         
   Printer Is Unable to Send ‘Near End of Life’ Warning Message for Imaging Unit 11/06/14         
   A 959.20 Service System Board Error Appears when Updating DLE RIP Firmware 11/06/14         
   Printer Is Unable to Send E-mail Notification when Supply Is Low 11/06/14         
   Unable to Staple IPDS Print Jobs from AS400 11/06/14         
   EC4.05 Firmware Update Instructions for Lexmark MFPs with AccuRead OCR and/or Advanced E-mail Settings App Installed 11/06/14         
   SNF Format Reverts to TIFF – Single File Even when Default Scan Setting Is Set to TIFF – Multiple Files 11/06/14