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   'EC3.1 Base (.P329) and Engine (.E412) Firmware 'Release Notes' and 'Firmware Availability' for the Lexmark MX610, MX611 and XM3150 (October '13) 03/21/14         
   Toner Leaking or Spilling in the Tray on a Lexmark CS310, CS410, CS510, CX310, CX410, and CX510 03/21/14         
   User-Selected Source Setting for ADF Fails to Revert Back to Flatbed Value For Copy Function on MX310 MFP 03/20/14         
   Information Required to Escalate 976.xx Errors 03/19/14         
   MarkNet N7000 Series – What Comes Out of the Box? 03/19/14         
   Printing Delay with DOS Based Application on a Lexmark MS610 or M3150 Connected Through a Parallel Connection 03/18/14         
   Lexmark MX6500e MFP Option – A ‘958 Service Multibit Error’ Is Displayed on the Screen 03/18/14         
   User-Initiated Copy Setting Changes Fail to Revert Back to Default Values on MX, XM, CX, XC Series MFPs 03/17/14         
   Information Required to Escalate Mainframe Issues 03/17/14         
   Hole Punch Unit (HPU) – Dog-Ears Are Observed at the Right and Left-Hand Corners of the Paper 03/14/14