Last Updated
   Print Jobs via LPM Serverless Do Not Complete when Session Is Terminated 05/22/15         
   Scan to Network App Does Not Prompt Nor Complete the Scan when Using an Existing File Name 05/21/15         
   Lexmark MX71x – Intervention Messages Show Inaccurate Graphic Display 05/20/15         
   Data Not Displayed when Running Reports and/or Historical Data on LFT 3.0 05/20/15         
   Lexmark MX610, MX611, & XM3150 – The Printer Posts ‘Output Bin Full’ Message, Yet No Paper Is Found in the Output Bin 05/20/15         
   The Finisher Hole Punches Option Is Not Available 05/19/15         
   Printer Hangs or 'Busy Printing' Message Appears Intermittently on the Control Panel 05/19/15         
   File Size Difference Between Control Panel Display and Actual Output Explained 05/19/15         
   Plugin Not Supported Message with Google Chrome Browser Version 42 and Above 05/18/15         
   Blank Copies, Colored Background or Image Quality (IQ) Problems Occur when Scanning or Copying from the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) on a Lexmark X925 Color Multifunction Printer 05/18/15