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   Hole Punch Unit (HPU) – The Stapled Sheets Are Misaligned 12/26/13         
   Legal, Officio, & Statement Media Failed to Eject the Hole Punch Unit (HPU) Causing Paper Jam 12/26/13         
   Comprehensive Lexmark Print Management 'Premise-based' and LDD Print Release ReadMe (v2.3.12.0 and Below) 12/20/13         
   Cannot Print or Scan from the All-In-One Center Due to Firewall Applications Blocking Lexmark Processes 12/20/13         
   Inconsistent Printing or Print Failure with Microsoft Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) Operating Systems 12/19/13         
   Photoconductor Kit Failure Modes, Messaging, and Installation Instructions for Lexmark E260, E360, E46x, ES360, ES460, X264, X36x, X46x, XS364, and XS46x 12/19/13         
   Lexmark Solutions Platform 'Premise-based' Print Release ReadMe (v1.3.3 and below) 12/19/13         
   Gap Between Right-side Tamper and Media During Tamping Causes Misaligned Stacking of Statement-Size Media 12/19/13         
   Device Memory Limitations Prevent Scanning TIFF Images with The Interact for Lexmark App 12/18/13         
   Scan to Network Utilizing an FTP Destination Folder Fails when Utilizing OCR 12/18/13