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LexPrint Photo Printing App Withdrawn (December 2012)

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Lexmark's Mobile Printing App or third party apps may be available for your printer.


Withdraw notification December 31, 2012

Lexmark International has withdrawn the LexPrint Photo Print App from the market.

What are my options?

Lexmark Mobile Printing App is currently available on the Apple® App Store. This app offers improved functionality and printing capabilities.

What if my printer is not supported by the Lexmark Mobile Printing App?

You can attempt to download one of many third-party mobile printer apps available through the Apple App Store.



What is LexPrint?


LexPrint is a free software application that lets you print photos easily from your Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using any Lexmark printer connected to the same wireless network. It lets you print photos from the photo album or the photo you just captured using your iPhone camera. You can also customize print settings from your mobile device


Installing LexPrint


Before installing LexPrint, make sure:

  • Your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad meets the minimum system requirements.
  • You have an active Internet connection (to download LexPrint).

Click here for a quick-link to the LexPrint User's Guide.


Using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad


1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.

2. In the Search field, type LexPrint, and then tap Search.

3. From the search results, tap LexPrint > Free > Install.

4. You may need to provide your iTunes account information to continue with the installation.


Using Your Computer


1. Connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the computer.

2. From the computer, open iTunes, and then click iTunes Store.

3. In the Search field, type LexPrint, and then press Return or Enter.

4. In the Application section, find LexPrint, and then click GET APP.

5. You may need to provide your iTunes account information to continue with the installation.

6. Wait for the download to complete.

7. From the left pane of the iTunes application, select your mobile device.

8. Click the Applications tab, and then select Sync Applications.

9. Select LexPrint from the list, and then click Apply.


Note: An error appears if your mobile device is not synchronized with the computer. To resolve the problem, follow the instructions on the computer screen or see the iTunes documentation. For more information, see the App Store how-to page at


Supported Printers


LexPrint enables your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to communicate with Lexmark printers found on the same network.


For any Lexmark printer, your mobile device can send print jobs as long as the printer and LexPrint Listener are installed on the computer where the printer is connected.


For selected laser printer models that are Direct Image- and Zeroconf- or Bonjour-enabled, you can print directly from your mobile device to the printer without using LexPrint Listener. To check if your printer is one of these models, do one of the following:


– From the Lexmark Web site, find your printer model. From the SPECS tab, look for Direct Image under Printer Languages (Standard), and look for either Zero configuration under TCP/IP Set of Application Services or Bonjour under Network Management Protocols.

– From the printer control panel, look for Image Menu under Settings > Print Settings, and look for Zero configuration name under Network/Ports > TCP/IP.


Note: The application referred to as Rendezvous in Mac OS X version 10.3 is now called Bonjour by Apple Computer.

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