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Markvision Enterprise 2.0 New Features (September 2014)

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New Features and Release Notes.


What's new

Policies have been replaced by configurations; a term that more closely resembles their actual function.

These new configurations also provide more functionality, such as: 

  • App application management. ( Applications and application license dissemination.)
  • Licensed option support.
  • Apps can now be deleted from devices if the solution resides within the MV E library.
  • Configurations can be imported and exported from one MV E installation to another, or exported and imported within the same MV E installation to obtain a copy of a Configuration.


Migrating from Policies to Configurations

Issue or behavior... What does this mean...
Only Policies that are assigned to devices will be migrated (during the upgrade process) to Configurations.

Merged policy settings can cause errors or failures.

To prevent configuration settings from mixing and conflicting with each other, only active and assigned policies get migrated or carried over to MVE 2.0.

Policies will not be migrated into Configurations if more than one Variable Settings Data file is used.

You will have to combine all tokens into one Variable Settings Data file before upgrading to MVE 2.0.

Scheduled enforcement and conformance actions will not be migrated.

Scheduled enforcement and conformance actions will not be migrated. You will have to reconfigure or reschedule these actions.


Some known issues

  • Using Firmware policies with the MS 610
  • Certificates used for SISAL will need to be reimported when upgrading from 1.8.x to 1.9.x
  • Upgrading from version 1.5.x to 1.6.x
  • Error#:2032 when accessing MVE client

Other general issues, and some possible suggestions to alleviate some of these issues can be found in MVE 2.0 Release Notes.


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