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How to Change the Photoconductor Unit/Kit on a Lexmark E250d(n), E350d, E352dn, or E450dn Printer

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Photoconductor (PC) Life Warning or a Replace Photoconductor message on the printer screen indicates that the photoconductor unit in the printer is near or past its expected life rating of 30,000 single-sided pages. You will need to replace the photoconductor unit inside the printer when you see this message. NOTE: It may occasionally be necessary to replace the photoconductor unit in order to correct a print quality problem such as toner streaks on the page.  

Replacing the photoconductor unit/kit

WARNING! When replacing a photoconductor kit, do not leave the new photoconductor kit exposed to direct light (especially sunlight) for an extended period of time. Extended light exposure can cause damage to the new photoconductor kit, which may lead to print quality problems.

Step Action Click Image to Enlarge
1 Press the button on the left-hand side of the printer and open the front door.
2 Remove the print cartridge assembly.

  1. Grasp the toner cartridge handle and pull up and out. Note: Do not press the button on the print cartridge assembly.
  2. Place the print cartridge assembly on a flat, clean surface.
3 Separate the toner cartridge from the photoconductor unit.

  1. Press the button on the base of the print cartridge assembly.
  2. Grasp the toner cartridge handle, and pull up and out.
   4 Unpack the new photoconductor kit. No Image
5 Install the toner cartridge into the new photoconductor unit.

  1. Align the white rollers on the toner cartridge with the white arrows on the tracks of the photoconductor. 
  2. Push the toner cartridge in as far as it will go. It should click into place when correctly installed.
6 Install the print cartridge assembly into the printer.

  1. Align the green arrows on the guides of the print cartridge assembly with the green arrows on the tracks in the printer. 
  2. Push the print cartridge assembly in as far as it will go.
7 Close the front door. No Image

Reset the photoconductor counter. Refer to the instruction sheet that shipped with the new photoconductor kit.

Note: If your photoconductor unit does not have the directions to clear the photoconductor counter packaged with it, please choose the appropriate link below for directions.

For the E250d and E250dnclick here.
For the E350d and E352dnclick here.
For the E450dnclick here
No Image
9 Print the printer menu settings page. If Photoconductor is listed under Warnings, the photoconductor counter has not been properly reset.

Note: For instructions on printing a menu settings page, click on the appropriate link below or see Printing the Menu Settings Page in the printer's User's Guide.

For the E250d and E250dnclick here.
For the E350d and E352dnclick here.
For the E450dnclick here

No Image

Ordering a new photoconductor

To order supplies (such as a photoconductor kit) in the United States, please visit the Lexmark web site at, or contact Lexmark at 1-800-539-6275 for information about Lexmark Authorized Supplies Dealers in your area.
In other countries or regions, visit the Lexmark Web site at, or contact the place where you purchased the printer.

Part Number Description Average Yield
E250X22G Photoconductor kit 30,000 letter-size, single-sided pages at approximately 5% coverage

Still Need Help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN). If you need help locating these, click here.

Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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