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How to Restore the Factory Defaults on the Lexmark X5250/X5270

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How to restore the factory defaults; Microsoft Windows 98; Microsoft Windows Me; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP


The printer's factory defaults can be restored as follows:

  1. Press and hold the Plus (+) button. While still holding it down, press the Scan button.
  2. Once the screen changes (goes blank), release both buttons. The screen will first display the firmware version and will then display 0:Button Test.
  3. Press the Plus (+) button seven (7) times. The screen will display Clear NVRAM.
  4. Press the Menu (-->) button three (3) times. The printer's memory is now reset and the display language is set to Polish.

  5. To change this setting, press the Plus (+) button until you see the language you require.

  6. To confirm the change, press the Menu (-->) button once.

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