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How to Troubleshoot a 1203 Error on the Lexmark X4250/X4270/F4270 Printers

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Cartridge Error; 1203 error message; Error code; Cartridge short


How to troubleshoot a 1203 error; How to determine the root cause of a 1203 error


A 1203 error message on the operator panel could indicate a problem with one of the ink cartridges. Please carry out the steps below the image to confirm that this is a cartridge failure rather than a hardware problem.

    Make sure the All-In-One is powered on.

    Pull the control panel towards you, and then open the cartridge access door. The print cartridge carrier moves and stops at the loading position.

    Pull the old cartridges towards you, and then lift them out.
    With the cartridges out of the printer, shut the access door and the control panel.
    Power the printer OFF and then back ON.
    Check the operator panel to see if the same error has returned or if a new message has appeared.
    If the message displayed is 1203, there is something wrong with the printer hardware.
    If the message now displaying is Cartridge Missing, do the following:


    1. Reinstall the cartridges into the printer.

    2. Insert the color cartridge in the left carrier. Insert the black cartridge in the right carrier.


    3. Push back firmly on the cartridges until they snap securely into place.

    4. Close the cartridge access door, and then close the control panel.

    5. If the 1203 message is still present on the operator panel, you need to insert one cartridge at a time to determine which cartridge is producing the failure.

    6. With one cartridge in the carrier, close the access door and control panel.

    7. Check the operator panel. If the 1203 error is displayed, this cartridge is the defective item. 
      If the Cartridge Missing message is displayed, the second cartridge is producing the failure.

    8. Please replace the defective cartridge.

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