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How to Replace the Fuser Unit (Maintenance Kit) on the W840

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How to replace the fuser unit; How to replace the maintenance kit


The Lexmark W840 will provide outstanding print quality and feed reliability when used with paper designed for xerographic copiers and laser printers. However, the printer components are subject to wear based on ordinary usage. To ensure peak performance of the printer, installation of a maintenance kit is recommended after 300,000 pages are printed. The maintenance kit contains the fuser assembly, transfer roller, and the tray 1 pick rollers. All parts within the maintenance kit, including the fuser unit, can be installed by the customer.
To replace the fuser unit, do the following:

  1. Power off the printer. It is also recommended that you unplug the power cord.

  2. Open the left side cover (also called door A).


  3. Turn the two thumbscrews at each end of the fuser counter-clockwise. CAUTION ! If the printer has been printing recently, the fuser will be very hot. Please allow time for the fuser unit to cool before removing it from the printer. 


  4. Lift out each of the fuser hooks. 


  5. Using the fuser hooks, carefully pull the fuser unit out of the printer. 


  6. Remove the new fuser unit from the packaging. NOTE: Save this packaging if you need to send back the old fuser. 


  7. Align the fuser unit with the opening in the left side of the printer. Then carefully insert the fuser unit all the way into the printer until you feel it lock into place. 


  8. Push in the fuser hooks.

  9. Carefully tighten the two thumbscrews on the fuser unit.


  10. Close the left side door.


  11. If you unplugged the printer, plug the power cord back in.

  12. Power the printer back on. NOTE: If you are replacing the fuser unit as part of a maintenance kit, wait until you have all of the parts installed before powering on the printer

  13. Print a Device Statistics page to confirm that the new fuser unit is working fine and that the Supply Level on the fuser has been reset to Ok.

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