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'237.00, 241.09, 242.04' and '242.09' Paper Jam Messages on a Lexmark T64x, T65x, X64x, or X65x Series Printer; Errors when Printing or Using Additional Trays or Duplex Option

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237.00, 241.09, 242.04 and 242.09 paper jam; loud noise; grinding; rattling; unusual noise; paper jam in duplex; Paper jam tray 2; Paper jam tray 3


What you will see

A combination of the following symptoms may be observed when attempting to print:

  • 237.00 Paper Jam
  • 241.09 Paper Jam
  • 242.04 Paper Jam
  • 242.09 Paper Jam
  • The error accompanies a rattling or grinding noise every time you attempt to print from an optional paper tray; e.g., Tray 2 or Tray 3.
  • The error occurs when trying to print (two-sided) duplex.
  • However, printing single-sided pages from Tray 1 presents no problem.  
  • Is is also possible that duplex print jobs originating from Tray 1 will work fine, but the error returns once an optional paper tray source is selected. 



Affected Products


Printer Model Tray/Error
  • 237.00 – Duplex
  • 241.09 – Tray 2
  • 242.04 – Tray 3
  • 237.00 – Duplex
  • 241.09 – Tray 2
  • 242.04 – Tray 3
  • 242.09 – Tray 2
  • 242.04 – Tray 3

*An x denotes and number within a given series; e.g., T642.



Suggested Actions

  1. Clear the error by removing paper from the various paper jam access doors and the duplex tray. 
  2. Check and clear any additional paper paths for excess paper or obstructions, and attempt to print again.
  3. If error persists, clear again, and try to print one last time from Tray 1.  
  4. If Tray 1-sourced print jobs print without difficulty, contact Lexmark for further diagnosis.



Still Need Help?


Please contact Lexmark for additional assistance regarding this issue. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your printer machine type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the printer to allow further diagnosis by a support agent. 



Audience: Lexmark and Support Partners

Additional Service Recommendations


The bevel gear (gear #54) on the printer may be broken. Replace with latest bevel gear (FRU#99A0954).



Bevel Gear Location

This gear is located on the front, left-hand side of the printer.



Bevel Gear Function

This gear drives the shaft that turns the ‘pass-through’ feed rollers on all paper-feed modules that sit underneath the printer, such as an extra paper tray (Tray 2, Tray 3, etc.) or an optional duplex unit.



Broken Gear Behavior

Once broken, the gear is unable to power the feed mechanism for these options. This will result in the page stopping as it tries to feed through the option.

In addition to the 'paper jam' issue, the gear may also create a loud grinding noise that occurs whenever a paper-feed option is present underneath the printer.


Recommended service actions

To determine if the bevel gear is the cause of this issue:

Step Action
  1 Power off the printer.
  2 Open both the lower and upper-front covers.
  3 Open the left-hand side cover.

Remove the screw highlighted in the picture below and remove the plastic gear shield.

Click here to view a larger picture.  


Locate and examine the bevel gear.

Click here to view a larger picture.


Check to see if the gear is damaged. If the gear is damaged, replace it.

If the gear appears undamaged, confirm this by closing the upper-front cover and powering the printer on. The bevel gear will turn during the warm-up sequence. Confirm that the gear is turning correctly.

Note: The part number to order for the bevel gear is 99A0954.



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