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994 Service Engine Error on a Lexmark C510

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Error: "994 Service Engine Error"


This error message indicates that the printer is unable to move the photodeveloper belt properly.


If your printer is unable to move the photodeveloper belt to the correct position during printing, a 994 error will occur.  However, it may simply be the case that the photodeveloper is either contaminated with excess toner or improperly installed.  To test for and resolve this issue, please do the following:

  1. Power the printer off and remove the photodeveloper cartridge

  2. Rotate the green metallic photodeveloper belt by manually turning the white drive gear on the bottom of the cartridge until the black positioning markers are visible.

  3. If necessary, carefully  wipe any excess toner powder from the positioning markers using a soft, lint-free cloth or tissue.

  4. While the top cover of the printer is still open, inspect the sensor that is used to locate the positioning markers on the belt.  CAUTION! The photodeveloper is very sensitive to light.  Cover the green metallic surface of the photodeveloper with a piece of paper while it is outside the printer.

    • Refer to this imagethis image, and this image to identify the location of the sensor.

    • Verify that the sensor has not come loose from its housing and that it is not contaminated with excess toner powder.  If necessary, clean the sensor with a soft, lint-free cloth or tissue.

  5. Re-install the photodeveloper cartridge and power the printer back on. 

  6. If the error remains, it is likely that a service call will be necessary to resolve this issue.  Please contact Lexmark Technical Support, having first obtained the serial number of your printer.  NOTE:  If practicable, attempt to order another photodeveloper and replace it first to avoid the inconvenience of a potentially unnecessary service call.

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