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How to Replace the Photodeveloper Cartridge in the C510

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Message: "83 Photodev Cart Life Warning"; Message: "83 Photodev Cart Exhausted"


How to replace the photodeveloper cartridge


The 83 Photodev Cart Life Warning message on the operator panel means you need to replace the photodeveloper cartridge soon. Make sure you have ordered a replacement cartridge.
The 83 Photodev Cart Exhausted message on the operator panel means you must replace the photodeveloper cartridge immediately.

  1. Pull up on the top door release latch.

  2. Pull the top door up, then rotate it backwards to its fully open position.


  3. Push the latches toward each other to release the photodeveloper cartridge. Note: Notice the arrow which points inwards on each latch.

  4. Grasp the handle and pull the used photodeveloper cartridge straight up. Dispose of it properly.


  5. Carefully unpack the new photodeveloper cartridge. Remove any packaging material or tape.

  6. Remove the two clips on the sides of the photodeveloper cartridge.

    Warning: Do not touch the photoconductor film, which is the shiny green part of the photodeveloper cartridge.

  7. Grasp the handle of the new photodeveloper cartridge and align it with its opening. Gently lower it into place.


  8. Push the latches away from each other to lock the photodeveloper cartridge into place.

  9. Close the top door.

  10. Continue with Setting the operator panel.

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