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How to Change the Cartridges on Lexmark Inkjet and All-In-One Printers

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How to change the cartridges; Install cartridge; Lexmark X2670; Lexmark X4610; Lexmark P6350 Photo All-In-One; Lexmark X6160; Lexmark X6130; Lexmark X7310; Lexmark X8310; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition; Microsoft Windows Vista



This article provides general instructions on how to change the cartridges on Lexmark Inkjet and All-In-One printers.


NOTE: These instructions are general, and your specific Inkjet or All-In-One may appear different than the pictures below; however, the steps are the same. 

1Ensure the All-In-One printer is powered on. No image.
Lift the scanner unit or access door (per right-hand image).
The cartridge holder will move to the center of the Inkjet or All-In-One.
3Press down on the cartridge carrier latch to raise the carrier lid.
4Remove the used cartridge. NOTE: If you are removing both cartridges, repeat the preceding two steps for the second cartridge.No image.
Remove the protective tape from the back and bottom of the new cartridge(s).
WARNING! Do not touch the gold contact area on the back or the metal nozzles on the bottom of the cartridges.
6aInsert the new cartridges into their respective carriers. The image at right illustrates inserting the color cartridge.
6bThe image at right illustrates inserting the black cartridge.
7Close the carrier lids so that they remain closed. See image above in Step 3.No image.
8Close the access door or scanner unit, taking care to keep your hands out from underneath the scanner unit as it is being closed.No image.
9On some All-In-One units, the control panel display will prompt you to load paper and print an alignment page. NOTE: The scanner unit must be closed before you can start a new scan, print, copy, or fax job.No image.

Still Need Help?

If you require additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need the machine/model type and serial number (SN) of your printer.
Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task on one or both of these devices. 


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