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What you Need To Know Before Downloading Firmware

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What you need to know before downloading firmware for your Lexmark printer.

  • Lexmark recommends that you always install current updates for optimum product performance.
  • Authorized use of genuine Lexmark products are supported by all firmware updates.
  • The firmware update may cause counterfeit and/or unauthorized products, supplies, parts, materials (such as toners and inks), software, or interfaces to stop working.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will this firmware download interfere with the operation of my printer cartridge?
    The firmware update should enhance your printer’s performance, not interfere with it.

    The only way the firmware update will interfere with printer operations is if you have been sold counterfeit cartridges or cartridges that are otherwise not authorized for use in your Lexmark printer. If you are using genuine Lexmark cartridges, the firmware will in no way interfere with your use of your device. But a new firmware update may restrict the use of counterfeit or unauthorized cartridges.
  2. What is the Lexmark Return Program Cartridge?
    Lexmark Return Program Cartridges are sold at a discount versus the prices of regular Lexmark cartridges in exchange for the customer's agreement to use the cartridge only once and return it to Lexmark for remanufacturing or recycling.

    Regular Lexmark cartridges without this license/agreement sold at regular prices are also available.

    Click here for more information on the Lexmark Return Program
  3. What are Lexmark authorized cartridges?
    Lexmark printers accept genuine Lexmark supplies. This includes Lexmark regular cartridges that may be remanufactured or refilled by a third party and Lexmark Return Program cartridges, which are single-use cartridges that must be returned to Lexmark.
  4. What types of cartridges are not authorized to work on Lexmark printers?
    A Lexmark Return Program cartridge that has been remanufactured by a third party in violation of the Lexmark “single use and return to Lexmark” conditions under which the cartridge was originally sold is not authorized to work in a Lexmark printer.

    In addition, counterfeit cartridges and/or unauthorized compatible cartridges made by a third party in violation of Lexmark intellectual property rights are not authorized to work in a Lexmark printer.
  5. Can I uninstall the firmware from my printer?
    Firmware is a program that is necessary for a printer to function. The firmware controls the basic functions of a unit and operates as a layer between the printer and the driver. The firmware is stored in your printer and can only be overwritten with a newer version. Lexmark supports only the latest version of the firmware code. Lexmark will not remove firmware from your device or rollback the firmware to a prior version.
    Note: Printer drivers and printer firmware are not the same. Printer drivers are operating system drivers which are stored on a computer’s hard drive.
  6. Why should I upgrade my firmware?
    There are a couple of reasons. First, upgrading your firmware will improve the overall performance of your printer. It can help it operate faster and more efficiently. It also will fix any firmware or hardware bugs that have been identified. It can add new features to your printer, and it can even help compatibility issues your unit may have.
  7. I want the firmware in my printer restored to the level it was at prior to the service action that upgraded the firmware in my printer.
    Lexmark only offers and supports the most current level of firmware code for our printers. In order to ensure that Lexmark technical support engineers provide customers the most comprehensive level of service in the shortest amount of time it is important that we avoid trying to diagnose issues that may have already been fixed in new code releases. Thus as an early step in our diagnostic process we may advise a customer having problems to upgrade to our most current level of firmware code.

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