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MarkVision Enterprise Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Security Advisory

Document ID:TE666

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Lexmark Security Advisory: 

Revision:  1.0
Last update: 9 December 2014
Public Release Date: 9 December 2014



Remote code execution vulnerability

MarkVision Enterprise contains a vulnerability that allows an unauthenticated remote attacker to upload files and execute arbitrary commands with the privilege of the MarkVision Enterprise application.



CVE: CVE-2014-8741



MarkVision Enterprise contains a servlet named “GfdFileUploadServerlet”. This servlet allows an unauthenticated remote attacker to upload files to arbitrary locations on the MarkVision Enterprise server, including the ability to upload and execute commands with the privilege of the MarkVision Enterprise application.



Successful exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to the disclosure of data stored in MarkVision Enterprise, and the ability to execute code within the MarkVision platform. 


Vulnerability Scoring Details 

CVSS Base Score: 10 

Impact Subscore: 


Exploitability Subscore:



Exploitability: Impact:
Access Vector: Network Confidentiality: Complete
Access Complexity: Low Integrity: Complete
Authentication: None Availability: Complete

 CVSS scores are calculated in accordance with CVSS version 2.0 (



Lexmark recommends updating the application if you have a vulnerable version.
Please visit or contact the Lexmark Technical Support Center at 1-800-539-6275 for additional information.


Software Versions and Fixes

The vulnerability described in this advisory has been fixed in MarkVision Enterprise v2.1 and all future releases. All releases previous to v2.1 are vulnerable.


Obtaining Updated Software

To obtain MarkVision Enterprise v2.1, please visit


Exploitation and Public Announcements

Lexmark is not aware of any malicious use of the vulnerability described in this advisory.

Lexmark would like to thank rgod working with HP's Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) for bringing this issue to our attention.


Status of this Notice:

This document is provided on an "as is" basis and is provided without any express or implied guarantee or warranty whatsoever, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use or purpose. Lexmark reserves the right to change or update this document at any time.



This advisory is posted on Lexmark’s web site at

Future updates to this document will be posted on Lexmark’s website at the same location.


Revision History  

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  9 - December - 2014

Initial Public Release


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