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MVE's Firmware Policy' Feature Is Incompatible with .P328 (EC3) for Lexmark MS510, MS610dn/de, M1145, and M3150 MFPs

Document ID:TE579




Users of MVE's 'Firmware' policy feature

An MVE firmware management issue has been identified that affects the ability to deploy printer firmware using MVE policies.


Firmware and products affected

  • .P328 (EC3)
  • MVE Version 1.8
  • MS510/ M1145
  • MS610dn
  • MS610de/ M3150


What you will see

MVE v.1.8 users...

Versus MVE v1.9 users...

.P328 (EC3) will not be recognized as valid firmware when using the firmware policy feature. One of two different symptoms reveal this issue:

The printer model does not show.


The printer model is recognized as a C746 or C748.

Note: This issue is not prevalent if utilizing firmware policies with firmware levels LW20.PR.P235 (EC2).

.P328 (EC3) or greater will be recognized and function properly when enforcing firmware policies.

Note: A side effect of updating MVE is that you will lose firmware policy recognition of firmware levels LW20.PR.P235 (EC2).


Suggested Remedy

Upgrade to MVE 1.9 to utilize the MVE's firmware policy feature with .P328 (EC3) level firmware or greater.


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