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Lexmark C74x, X548, X74x, X792, X925, X95x, & MX812 Printers and MFPs – Device Quota: Error ‘Please provide a valid department code.’

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Dept code verification failure; Invalid dept code; Incorrect dept code; Device Quota eSF 2.2.3;



The printer control panel displays the error message: "Please provide a valid department code."

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IMPORTANT! This error occurs even though the correct department code was provided on the Job Accounting tab under Printer Properties. Please note that the “Use logged-in user name” option is unchecked in this scenario. See image below.

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Affected Setup/Environment

The setup where the problem is encountered involves the following:

  • Device Quota eSF 2.2.3; where, the Department List File is configured.

    NOTE: You can confirm the settings by clicking on “View Current Value”. See sample illustration below.

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  • Driver installed on the computer is Lexmark Universal V2 PS3
  • User accounts are configured appropriately.


Recommended solution

Update the printer’s firmware with the appropriate PE Release codes for the following models:

Printer Model PE Release Firmware Code
C74x LHS30.CM2.P315.fullnet.fls
X74x LHS30.NY.P315.fullnet.fls
X548 LHS30.VK.P315.fullnet.fls
X792 LHS30.MR.P315.fullnet.fls
X925 LHS30.HK.P315.fullnet.fls
X95x LHS30.TQ.P315.fullnet.fls
MX812 LW30.TU.P328.fullnet.fls
Note: For MX812, ensure that the printer is also upgraded to the latest Engine code FDN.DN.E509.tusXXgre.updeng.fls, as well as with EC3 RIP for compatibility reasons.

NOTE: Please contact your next level of support or Lexmark Technical Support to obtain the firmware.


Still need help?

If you require additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: In order to expedite the support process, please be prepared to provide information regarding your issue, e.g., name and version of solution, problem description, and affected printer models.

Additional information may be requested by the support agent.


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