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Unable to downgrade code

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Code may not be able to be downgraded below manufactured level. If a code level older than the manufacturing code is flashed, device does not accept code. Programming Failed Invalid Version shows briefly on the screen, then printer restarts without changing code level.

Issue can affect devices with manufacture date of 2021 or newer. Manufacturing date is on a label inside the front door of the printer for most models. On some models, remove the paper tray to see the label. Device may also be affected if components have been replaced in a service action.

Due to the worldwide shortage of integrated circuit (IC) chips caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Lexmark has had to find alternate components to continue production. Most of these hardware changes do not require special firmware. A limited number of hardware changes do require firmware changes to ensure functionality.



Do not downgrade firmware.

Lexmark does not officially support downgrading firmware, however if you choose to do so, please see SO8071 for important information.

  Downgrade below Manufacturing Code Level Manufacturing Code Level and Above
Affected Devices Unsupported Firmware OK
Other Devices Not Recommended OK


Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)
  • Printer serial number




AFE on Scanner

MB223x, CX33x, MC32x, MC33x, MC34x, XC23x, CX43x, MX33x, MX43x

Scanner Motor Driver (RIP)

MB223x, CX33x, MC32x, MC33x, MX33x, MX43x

Wireless Chip (Only affects wireless models)

M132x, B334x, B344x, MS33x, MS43x, MB344x, XM134x, MB33x, MX33x, MX43x

Fuser Motor Driver (ASIC)

CX42x, CX52, CX62x, MC23x, MC24x, MC25x, MC26x, XC22x, XC42x, C224x, C232x, C242x, C253x, CS42x, CS52x, CS62x


Hardware Change Firmware Needed
AFE on Scanner 074.038 or newer
Scanner Motor Driver (RIP) 074.032 or newer
Wireless Expected by 2022
Fuser Motor Driver (ASIC) Expected by 2022


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