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Lexmark CS/CXx31 & C/MC3xxx: Paper Jams Due to Curled Media in the Tray

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09/11/19 Properties  


Affected Products:

Single-Function: CS331, C431, C3224, C3326, C3426

Multifunction: CX331, CX431, MC3224, MC3326, MC3426


Issue description:

  • When printing normally/simplex, the printout is skewed
  • When performing duplex/double-sided print, the paper jams. 

This happens when the paper used is exposed to high humidity environments for a prolonged period of time, either in an open packaging or sitting in the tray.



  1. Pull out the paper tray.
  2. Check the leading edge of the paper to be fed to the printer.
  3. Verify the direction of the paper curl from the paper stack's rear edge corners.

    (A) - Leading edge curl direction must be facing up
    (B) - Leading edge curl direction is facing down  
  4. If the curl direction is facing down (B), remove the paper stack from the tray and flip it over before loading them back.  
  5. If the issue persists, load a fresh ream of paper into the tray.

Note: Keep future media freshly stored in a controlled environment if possible.


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