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Error: " Remove Paper Standard Bin "

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Error: " Remove Paper Standard Bin "


The standard bin is not full.


The Remove Paper Standard Bin message means that the printer "thinks" the output bin on top of the printer (where the paper rests) is full. If the bin is not full of paper, the likely cause of this error is that the exit flag is stuck.
To ensure the exit flag is in the proper position:

  1. First turn off the printer. Then put your hand on the tallest part of the printer (not counting any output stacker that you may have added). The cover above the rollers (the redrive cap) can easily be removed. Click here for details.
  2. Looking from the front, you should now see a little arm on the left side. (See the red circle in the picture below.) This is the exit flag. It will probably be in any position except hanging straight down as it should be.
  3. Push it down and snap it back into place. Once in place, it should swing freely up and down. When you let go, it will always come to rest hanging straight down.
  4. Once the flag is hanging straight down, put the redrive cover back on the printer and turn on the power.

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