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Sending an Email from the Device Results in a White Screen when Choosing the Searchable PDF Option

Document ID:SO8456

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09/05/17 Properties  


What you will see

You observe a white screen when scanning multiple text pages to an LDD server destination. The larger the batch job, the longer the white screen exists. Since no messages appear on the screen, this may trigger users to report this as a problem, or worse, restart the machine.


What else is known:

  • The device is generating a Searchable PDF file type, which activates the device's internal optical character recognition (OCR).
  • The server destination is hosting both LDD, and an active SMTP server, which is being used to email the scanned job.
  • The email profile is using EmailTrack.
  • The server is running LDD version 4.9.03 with Advanced prompting ver. 4.9.3.





Obtain and update the Advanced Prompting (AP) app, which uses LDD to communicate with the MFP.

Contact Lexmark Technical Support and reference KB article ID# SO8456 to request

NOTE: This PE-released version AP is designed for LDD 4.9.03. If a different version of LDD is being used, then an escalation may be required for software development teams to build a compatible version.




You are seeing a white screen because device-side optical character recognition (OCR) requires more time to generate a searchable PDF. The device responds with a white screen while it attempts to interpret and convert text images into actual characters.



Contacting Lexmark

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Additional information may be requested by the support agent.

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