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Device Quotas – Unable to Track Scan Usage when Using Any Scan-related Application

Document ID:SO7500

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Cannot track usage; Tracking limitation; Scan usage not accounted; Count does not increase; Scan not tracked using any scan application; Problem accounting scan jobs; Issue with Scan usage job accounting; Flash drive scan template required; eSF applications; Embedded solutions framework apps;


What you will see

The Device Quotas app cannot track scan usage. This happens regardless of which app is being utilized to initiate the scan job.

For example:

If... Then...

You initiate a SNF* scan with the following appropriate Function Access Controls (FACs)...

Copy Function ES_Users_Template
Email Function ES_Users_Template
Fax Function ES_Users_Template
Flash Drive Scan No Security
App 1 ES_Users_Template
App 2 ES_Users_Template
Scan to Network ES_Users_Template

Note: These settings are found under embedded web server (EWS) > Settings > Security > Security Setup > Access Controls > under Function Access/ and Device Apps/ or Device Solutions/.

It results in a successful scan, but Device Quotas fails to account for the completed scan job.

* Scan to Network Folder 


Suggested Action

Assign a valid security template (i.e., "ES_Users_Template" or "ES_Admins_Template") to both the “Flash Drive Scan” access control and the app being utilized.



In order for Device Quotas to track scan jobs, you will need to have a template applied to the Flash Drive Scan access control for any scan-destination type or app utilized.


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