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Lexmark MS/MXx1x & M/XMxxxx: 230.03 Paper Jam

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Remote Fix:

  1. Verify with the customer if the printer was recently serviced or had maintenance performed that required the redrive to be replaced. 
    • If the redrive has been replaced:

      • Due to part shortages, some of the redrive service parts have to be built without solenoids.
      • A service technician needs to move the solenoid from the existing redrive to a new one. Failing to do so will result to a repeating 230.03 duplex jams.
    • If the redrive has not been replaced, proceed to the next step. 
  2. For remote fix opportunity, go through the steps in the Customer section if the Customer has not already done so.
  3. Before proceeding to any parts replacement, make sure the printer’s firmware is on the latest level. 
  4. POR the printer to Diagnostic Menu and perform a duplex sensor test by navigating through Diagnostics Menu > Duplex Tests > Sensor Test.
    Lower the duplex jam door, and toggle the duplex sensor. If the sensor state on the control panel display does not change when it is toggled, replace the Duplex/Input sensor.


Service Action:

For redrive FRU without solenoid

  1. Go back on site with the old redrive that has the solenoid. If the solenoid is not available, service part 40X8301 is the solenoid.
  2. Remove the solenoid from the existing redrive and place it to the new one.

    Note: Before installing the new redrive, refer to this document for important information.

For MS/MX31x/41x/51x

  1. If the firmware is up to date and the paper settings match the media being used, replace first the Redrive assembly
  2. Verify that the Rear Door and Rear Cover are installed properly. Make sure the rear door can be closed properly.
    A replacement cover/door should be sent only if the customer complains that it does not close.

For MS/MX71x/81x

  1. Check the following parts in the rear path. 
    • Rollers on rear door (A)
    • Redrive rolls (B) and latches (C) 
      If the redrive rolls are out of place.
      • Check the redrive snap that holds the feed shaft by looking inside the opening to which the red arrow points in Image 1a.
        A good redrive snap should look like the one encircled in red as shown in Image 1b.
      • If the redrive snap is broken, search inside the printer and remove any missing pieces. Then proceed in replacing the Redrive (P/N: 40X7602).
        Image 2 shows the parts that could possibly fall off if the redrive snap is broken.
        (A) – (C)-bushing
        (B) – Friction Pad
        (C) – Snap (if broken)
        However, if the snap is still in good condition, proceed with the next step to repair and realign the redrive rolls.
      • Remove the redrive by first removing the two screws (A) and then slide the redrive up and out (B). See Image 3.
      • Install C-bushing (A), Friction pad (B), and shaft. Make sure that the C-bushing is aligned with C-shaped snap. See Image 4.
      • Reinstall the redrive and then fully test printer to ensure functionality, especially duplex printing.
    • Fuser access door is fully closed and all diverter fingers are in good condition (D) 
    • Check for debris in path, especially behind fuser.
    • Replace any damaged parts.
  2. If the error appears only when printing duplex:
    • Check first the diverter area as described in this document’s customer-level section. If the diverter is not freely moving when pushed – even without any obstructions – replace the Fuser access door
    • Check condition of the fuser exit sensor. See the sensor’s location encircled in the image.
    • Check that fuser exit sensor extends completely across the paper exit . A damaged sensor, does not extend across opening. 
    • Make sure the duplex drive motor is installed correctly. Paper will be caught in the duplex assembly causing a 230.03 paper jam if the motor is installed incorrectly. These images will show how duplex drive motor is properly installed.

Should the issue persist, please contact your next level of support for further diagnosis or possible escalation


Service Parts:

Make sure to validate the part number at the Lexmark Parts Store before ordering.

Parts for first service call:

Reverse solenoid

Redrive assembly

Fuser Access Door

  • 40X7588 – Belt models applicable to MS81x and MX 71x/81x only
  • 40X8399 – Hot-roll models applicable to MS71x only

Parts for second service call:

Duplex / Input sensor

  • 40X8043 – applicable to MS/MX 310, 410, 51x, and 61x only

Rear door & cover

Rear door

Rear cover


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