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USB Continue Button Is Grayed Out on Wireless Setup Utility of Lexmark S31x, S41x, S51x, 71x, 91x Series Printers

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USB Continue button grayed out; Cannot be clicked; Grayed out; Button inactive; Unavailable; USB connection not recognized;


What you will see

Early versions of the Wireless Setup Utility may display a gray "Continue" button and prevent you from configuring your printer to communicate on your wireless network.  

What is known about this symptom:

  • You have confirmed a proper USB connection.
  • You have tried a different USB port on the computer.
  • You have verified the USB cable is not defective.



Affected Products

Printer Series Printer Models
S31x, S41x, S51x 315, 319, 415, 419, 515, 519
Pro 71x, 91x 715, 719, 910, 912, 915, 919

NOTE: An x denotes any number within a printer model series.


Suggested Fix

Two steps that may resolve this issue:

Step 1: Implement the software patch below or perform the preferred software driver update.

Step 2: Restart the Wireless Setup Utility


Step 1: Software Patch Fix

Step Action
1 Make sure that the Wireless Setup Utility is currently not open or running.
2 Click here to download a patch.
3 Click on the patch.exe to install it; e.g., Pro710-Pro910/Pro710Pro910wifiFix.exe.
4 Continue to Step 2.

Preferred software driver update

Step Action
1 Open Lexmark Printer Home.
2 Under "Support", click on More....
3 Click on Product Update.
4 Click on Check Now.
5 Observe Checking For Updates.
6 Click Install.
7 Near the end of the installation, click OK and then Finish.
8 Continue to Step 2 below.

NOTE: If Lexmark Printer Home is not installed, you can go to the Lexmark website, select Support and Downloads, your printer model, and then the Operating System, to download the latest driver package. For more information on how to download the latest drivers, click here.

Click here for illustration.

 Step 2: Restart the Wireless Setup Utility

Step Action
1 Open Lexmark Printer Home.
2 Click on Settings. (More...)
3 Click Wireless Setup Utility.
4 Follow on-screen instructions to configure the printer wirelessly.

NOTE: You may want to reboot your computer if the Continue button is still grayed out.

Click here for illustration.


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Still Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near a computer and printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving one or all of these devices.


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