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'E-mail Transmission Failure' or 'E-mail Setup Incomplete' Message

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What you will see

Message encountered... Configuration method... See...

"E-mail Setup Incomplete"

  • First-time installation via the Lexmark E-mail Setup Wizard
  • Lexmark Printer Home > Settings > More... > Setup the Printer to E-mail. (Also, E-mail Setup Wizard)
Suggested Actions and Configuration Requirements below.
"E-mail has not been set up. Would you like to set up E-mail now?"

Operator panel configuration via > Settings > E-mail Settings > E-mail Setup > SMTP Setup.

Suggested Actions and Configuration Requirements below.
"E-mail Transmission Failure"

Any configuration method and every configuration setting proposed by your ESP leads to this error.

 NOTE: Lexmark is not responsible for the proper entry of E-mail Service Provider (ESP) configuration settings. This article is designed to provide general guidance and suggestions only.  


Suggested Actions

Have you contacted your E-mail Service Provider (ESP) for proper e-mail configuration values?

  • If NO, then skip this section and see Configuration Requirements below. 
  • If YES, then follow the suggested steps below based on your configuration method.
If... Then...
If you are utilizing the Scan-to-E-mail Configuration Wizard... See Wizard Configuration Steps.
If you are configuring Scan-to-E-mail using the printer's Web Page... See Web Page Configuration Steps.

If you are configuring Scan-to-Email using the printer's front operator panel...

Note: Touch screen-equipped models only 

See Operator Panel Configuration Steps.
Or, if you just want to the see whether one of the other configuration methods works better for you... Try any of the configuration steps available.


E-mail Setup Wizard Configuration Steps (Reconfigure)

E-mail Service Provider (ESP)


Step Action  And...
1  Click Back.

 Observe and verify the SMTP Server Address. Other common terms used for this value: 

  • Mail server address
  • Primary SMTP Gateway address
  • E-Mail Domain address
If... Then...

Your ESP verifies the SMTP server address is correct...

NOTE: You can optionally click Back again, to make sure you entered the correct e-mail address.

Verify these additional settings with your  ESP:

  • Port (25, 465, 587, other?)
  • Authentication Type
    • Plain/Login (SSL/TLS)
    • None (No authentication)
    • NTLM (Seldom used)
  • Username(UserID)
    • Full; e.g.,
    • User ID only; e.g., gwizz
  •  Password
The address is different from what your ESP specifies... Change the address and click Continue




Click Finish.

Try to configure the printer from the Printer's Web Page or the Printer Operator Panel.

Why? It is possible, but not probable, that a setting is not propagating properly to the printer from the setup wizard, or an additional e-mail setting is misconfigured.


Web Page Configuration Steps

Again, you will want to consult with your E-mail Service Provider (ESP) for proper configuration values.


Step  Action  And...
1 Click here for instructions on how to access the printer web page. Identify and verify the listed necessary configuration settings with your E-mail Service Provider.
2 Make any changes necessary. Click Submit, and then test the e-mail function again.

Repeat the process as necessary. 

Remember! Most worded values are case sensitive and additional symbols or characters are required. 

Remove the checkmark from Validate CA certificate if using SSL/TLS authentication; click Submit, and then test the e-mail function again.
4 Capture the Scan Log. Click here.



Operator Panel Configuration Steps

 Touch screen-equipped devices only.  

Step  Action  And...
1  Press .
Continue to next step.
2 Scroll down to E-mail Setup and select it. Continue to next step.
3 Press SMTP Setup. Continue to next step.
4 Press Server, and enter the correct SMTP Server Address using the keypad.  Press the green checkmark button in the lower right-hand section of the screen.
5 Press Port, and enter the correct SMTP Server Port number. Press Accept.
6 Press Use SSL/TLS, and depending on your E-mail Service Provider's recommendation, click Disable, Negotiate, Required. Press Accept.
7 Press Sender's Name, and enter optional name of sender. Press Accept.
8 Press Authentication, and if you selected Negotiate or Required for SSL/TLS setting, you will likely select Plain for this selection. Your other selections are None or NTLM. Press Accept.

Press User Name, and enter full user name or Userid depending on your ESP's configuration requirements.

Full example:

Userid example: gwizz

Press Accept.
10 Press Password, and enter your e-mail login password. Press Accept.
11 Press Test SMTP Settings, and observe result.

If you see "E-mail has not been set up" again, some value(s) are still not entered properly. Contact your ESP or try another E-mail account.



Configuration Requirements


The E-mail Setup Wizard will attempt to populate the following settings based solely on the e-mail address you have provided.

  • SMTP Server address
  • SMTP Port
  • Use SSL/TLS or Anonymous
  • Authentication settings

NOTE: Lexmark cannot guarantee that this function will work in every instance since E-mail Service Providers (ESPs) occasionally change their configuration requirements without notice. Lexmark is not responsible for obtaining these values.

Setting Importance

Example values (G-mail values expressed)

Verify all values with your ESP.

SMTP Server Address The name or address of your ESP's server.

SMTP Port Address The port number for the SMTP server.

587, 465, 25 among others

Use SSL/TLS Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security is required by many ESPs to prevent intrusion by encrypting e-mail messages.  Disabled, Negotiate, Required
Authentication settings Often if SSL/TLS is in use, then you will at least have to select Login/Plain for this setting. No Authentication, Login/Plain, NTLM
Username/id Your full name (full e-mail address); if this does not work, use only the  Userid of account., gwizz

Password Password required to access your e-mail. Mypassword_1 as an example
Validate CA Certificate Authority should only be used if this Extended validation is being used by your ESP. Enabled or Disabled


Still Need Help?

If you require additional assistance, please see Contact information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN).

Please be near the products described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce call-back situations.


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