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The Button for Scan to Network has Disappeared from the MFP Control Panel

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Scan to Network icon missing; Cannot find Scan to Network; Unable to see Scan to Network; No Valid destinations; Invalid SNF shortcut;


Scan to Network folder; SNF; How to force the destination shortcut icon; SNF application button; SNF embedded solution


What you will see

The Scan to Network icon or button, which initiates your scan from the MFP, is no longer visible.





How to turn ON the "Scan to Network" button


Step Action Illustration
  1 Open the printer's embedded web server (EWS).

http:// <MFP_IP_Address>, where <MFP_IP_Address> is the IP address of the printer.

Not available. Click here for additional assistance.
  2 Click Configuration or Settings, and then Embedded Solutions. Click here.
  3 Click on the Scan to Network (SNF) embedded solution.
  4 Click Configure (next to Information).

Place a checkmark next to Always show button.

  – Scan to Network (Basic) button

  – Scan to Network (Premium) button


Important!  The normal behavior (default setting) is to not show this button until a valid (functioning) destination has been created.

Click here.
 6 Click on Apply.


Click here to return to the main Scan to Network topics list. 

Click here to see the troubleshooting portion of the Scan to Network administrators guide.



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