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Unable to 'Send' a Fax with Laser Multifunction Printers (MFPs)

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Before you begin

Determine the symptom that best describes your Fax Send issue.

Select the symptom below that best describes your issue and perform the suggested actions. You can click "Back to top" should you need to return to this list. 

IMPORTANT: If you are taken away from this article for any reason, but need to return to continue your diagnosis, click your browser's Back button. Some procedures and reference information are not contained in this article.



Fax send failure to ONE fax destination (Most Common)


Step Action Additional Assistance

First check the more obvious reasons why a fax might fail to send to a recipient. 

  1. Correct fax number
  2. Proper entry of the fax number on the numeric keypad
  3. If using a fax shortcut to initiate the fax, verify the number was entered properly during fax shortcut creation.
  4. Proper dialing prefix; e.g., 9, 99, 991, 1...
  5. Proper country calling code.


  • The MFP's User's Guide.
  • This is found on  the original driver's CD, or it can be downloaded from

Attempt to resend the document.

If successful, consider the following to prevent future send failures.

  • Increase the number of redial attempts. (Automatic Redial)
  • Increase the amount of time between redial attempts. (Redial Frequency)
  • Reduce Max Send Speed if the problem continues.

Reducing send speed may be required if the recipients fax machine is connected to a digital phone line.

Click here for information on "How to Change Fax Redial Values."
  3 Reduce the Max Send Speed and then try to resend the document.

Click here for information on "Max Send Speed."

Click here for related article content.


Try to send the same fax to the same destination using a different fax machine in your area.

Question: Did the fax transmit from a different location within your work area?


If... Then... And...
NO You know the problem is not with the MFP.
  • Capture the Transmission Log, Fax Call,  and Fax Job Logs. Older MFPs may have a separate Receive or Send Log. See Step 5.
  • Identify any error codes and perform recommended actions to resolve the problem.
  • Contact the fax recipient and notify them of this problem. See Step 6.
  • Contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional diagnosis. See Step 7.
YES See next step. Continue to capture additional information.
I do not have another fax machine available. See next step. Continue to capture additional information.


 5 Obtain the Call Log or Fax Job Log and identify the error code.

Click here for information on "How to Enable Fax Log".

Click here Fax Log Status Errors and suggestions.

AutoPrint will enable the automatic print of the fax call log. Click here for more information.


Contact the fax recipient to report this problem and ask for or request the following:

  • Ask the fax recipient to confirm the fax number.
  • Fax device status; e.g., busy, idle, intervention state, turned off, manual mode transmission.
  • Request to receive log error information.
  • Request the manufacturer and model of fax device. 
  • Ask if any recent receive issues have been reported.
  • Ask if their fax machine is connected to a digital phone line or voice-over IP (VOIP).   
  7 Contact Lexmark to further troubleshoot this issue. Click here and obtain all required escalation information before calling Lexmark.


*N.A. Not available.


Other suggestions

These suggestions are not listed by relevance, but they have been identified as possible reasons for fax failures.

  • The remote fax machine has your station ID, number, or Caller ID blocked for some reason.
  • A driver-initiated fax was sent to an MFP configured to forward faxes to a FAX-SERVER. Driver faxes are not not supported with this MFP configuration.
  • Delay send was temporarily activated on the MFP by accident.
  • Another job in the fax queue is preventing the MFP's fax-modem from dialing immediately. You will have to the wait or clear other fax jobs to send your fax.
  • Distinctive ring was incorrectly configured on the remote fax machine.




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Fax send failure to ALL destinations

IMPORTANT! The steps below take into account that you can receive faxes. Do not continue until you have confirmed this fact.


  1. Verify that Fax Scans is enabled. Click here for more information.
  2. Confirm whether not the MFP resides on a PABX. Click here for more information.
  3. Confirm you have entered the proper Dial Prefix. Click here for more information.
  4. Reduce the Max Send and Receive speed. Click here for more information.
  5. Check or verify that you have entered a Station name and Station number. See your User's Guide for more information.
  6. Confirm the MFP is not configured for FAX SERVER mode. Click here for an example only. NOTE: Fax server setup differs by MFP model.
  7. Capture fax logs and identify the status message. Click here for an article that may help you identify the problem
  8. See Related Topics below.




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Unable to send a driver-initiated fax from your PC or MAC

 Are you able to send a non-driver initiated fax?

If... Then...
Yes, the device is able to send a scan-initiated fax... Proceed to the numbered steps below.
No, I cannot send a scanner-initiated fax or a driver-initiated fax... See Fax send failure to ALL destinations above.


  1. Click here for information on how to enable this feature.
  2. Does the PS (PostScript) driver show the FAX option installed? Click here for more information.
  3. Is the DRIVER TO FAX option enabled on the MFP? Click here for more information.
  4. Again, Fax Server mode prevents normal dialing of the fax number on the MFP.



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