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MVP 11.2.1: The Advanced Filter 'TCP/IP: Community Name' Not Able to Filter New Model Devices

Document ID:SO5458

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Community name not filtered; Filter not working; SNMP searches not available; Unable to perform SNMP search; Search failure for SNMP name


MarkVision Professional; MVP; MarkVision; MVP 11.2; MVP 11.2.1


What you will see (MVP 11.2.1)

The advanced filter  "TCP/IP Community Name" fails to funtion properly when applied to a folder.


Affected Products

  • - T65x Series monochrome Leser printers
  • - X65x Series monchrome MFPs
  • - C73x Series color laser printers
  • - X73x Series color MFPs

x denotes any number within a given printer model series, e.g., X654 dte. 



Suggested Remedy

The following installable plug-in addresses the problem of not enforcing proper constraints on the table at the design level.
This ensures that any new job statistic-generated databases will prevent duplicate entries.

  1. Download the plug-in. Click here to download this file.  
  2. Install the plug-in.
  3. Stop and restart the server. If necessary, click here for more information.
  4. Create a new filter
  5. Delete and rediscover the device. 






Device firmware functionality required a change in the filter. Hence, the new filter "TCPIP;SNMP Community Name" was created to resolve this issue. Administrators can now use a combination of both filters to filter all devices.

Before plug-in: TCP/IP: Community Name

After plug-in: TCP/IP:SNMP Community Name




Cannot perform "SNMP Community Name" searches? 

  1. Please follow the below mentioned steps to allow MVP honor the snmp community names set on a device.
  2. GoTo the MVP server web page at http://localhost:9180/~MvServer.
  3. Select the "Parameters" tab to the top left.
  4. Select the "device.mdnsQuery.snmpCommunityName" parameter and set it to True.
  5. Now open the MVP client and goto MarkVision->Administrative Settings. Select the "QuickFind" option.
  6. Set the read and write SNMP community names that MVP needs to search for.





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