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The 'Supplies Percentage' Device Filter Is Not Showing the Correct Values for the 'Hole Punch' and 'Toner Level' Values

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Unknown; Filter statistics not available; Toner filter not working properly; Hole punch box values not accurate; Toner level; Cartridge level


MarkVision Professional; MVP; MarkVision; MVP 11.2; MVP 11.2.1


What you will see (MVP 11.2.1)


 The Advanced "Supplies: Percentage" filter option is not working as expected for "toner cartridge level" or "hole punch box" values. 



Tracking Toner Cartridge Levels

If tracking toner levels in an environment with multiple vendors, use the "Supplies: Black Toner Percentage" filter.

Decision Table

If Tracking... Then use the  "Operation" value...
Toner levels for Single Function Printers (SFPs) Cartridge Levels, (CYMK) Percentage Click here.
Toner levels for Multifunction Printers (MFPs) in multi-vendor environments Supplies: (CMYK) Toner Percentage Click here.


Multi-vendor sample values

Parameter Operation Value
 Supplies: Black Toner Percentage Less Than... 20
 Supplies; Black Toner Percentage Greater Than or Equal To... 5

Click here for illustration. 

NOTE: Please keep the "device type" option on a parent folder selected to the same value
as the child folders. This will cause missing devices inside the folders.

This filter folder should display all printers on the network showing between 5 and 19% remaining toner.

Filter settings can be applied to any number of the devices for devices equipped with CMYK toner cartridges.  


Filters not recommended for multi-vendor MFP environments: 

    • - Cartridge Levels, Black (CYM); Capacity – This value recommended for single function printers (SFPs).
    • - Cartridge Levels, (CYMK) Percentage – This value recommended for single function printers (SFPs).
    • - Supplies: Percentage – To be avoided for any multi-vendor




Hole Punch Box


What you will see


The filter "Not Equal To" operation for the value "hole punch box" fails to work.




Hole Punch Issue Remedy

  1. Download the plug-in. Click here to download this file.  
  2. Install the plug-in.
  3. Stop and start the server. If necessary, click here for more information.
  4. Relaunch the client.
  5. Configure the folders on the server. 



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