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MVP 11.2.1: Performance Issue with Printer Inventory 'Job Statistics' and Larger ODBC Database File Sizes

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Large ODBC file size; Slow performance; Slow Job statistics performance; Data collection speed; MarkVision Professional; MVP 11.2.1 printer inventory issue


MarkVision Professional; MVP; MarkVision; MVP 11.2; MVP 11.2.1


What you will see (MVP 11.2.1.)

Export of printer inventory (job statistics) into an ODBC database is noticeably slower when compared to previous versions of MarkVision Professional.

Also, if using Microsoft's™ Access application, the created .ldb lock file will stay open and the file compression fails, which generates a larger database file size. 

NOTE: Manual intervention or repair of database file by the ODBC application may allow you to condense the file size.    


Suggested Remedy

NOTE: Install plug-in only if a performance issue exists and it is creating an unacceptable work environment. 

  1. Download the plug-in. Click here to download this file.  
  2. Install the plug-in.
  3. Stop and start the server. If necessary, click here for more information.
  4. Relaunch the client.
  5. Restart the printer inventory task.



MVP 11.2.1's negotiation of the device's security context was required to accommodate changes in modern device architecture and network design. Hence, additional time is required to collect secure data that is also included as part of the printer inventory function.


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