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MarkVision Professional 11.1/11.2: Device Discovery Is Failing

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Device discovery failure; cannot find devices; application freeze


MarkVision Professional; MVP; MarkVision; MVP 11.2; MVP 11.2.1


What you will see

Device discovery fails with MarkVision Professional.


Environment and Symptoms


Affected MVP Versions Products Affected Example Behavior or Symptoms
MarkVision Professional (MVP) versions 11.1 and 11.2 All Lexmark Laser and MFP
  • -A hostname list loaded into MVP for discovery
  • -No discovery or response from MVP
  • -MVP diamond in right-hand corner continues to spin.
  • -Clicking the X (close) symbol is unresponsive.
  • -Killing MarkVision from Task manager and then stopping and restarting the MVSERVER service is the only way to restart the application.



Suggested Diagnosis/Solutions and Possible Culprits


Questions If... Then Try to...
How many existing folders exist? Many created folders exist within MVP... Allow more time for discovery since this process checks existing folder locations.
How many concurrent applications are running on the computer that is hosting the MVserver? Many concurrent applications are running on the computer... Close additional applications or services and try again.
How much system RAM is on the computer that is hosting the MVserver?  You have more memory than is required by MVP... Try to edit the registry setting that controls system memory utilization. Click here for additional assistance.

What is the existing Community name on the printer?

SNMP Community Name is something other than public. This value is case sensitive... Reconfigure these printers back to the default Lexmark SNMP Community Name of "public". Or, see below for more on SNMP Community Name.
Have you attempted investigating the above topics Yes, and device discovery still fails. Capture escalation information below, and contact Lexmark Technical Support.



SNMP Community Name


MVP uses SNMP queries to discover printers, including Lexmark printers.

The following settings influence the control of SNMP searches:

  1. device.mdnsQueary.snmpCommunityName set to TRUE. To check this setting, follow  http://localhost:9180/~MvServer/index.jsp > Parameters. Click here for illustration.
  2. Quick Find settings for Community Name. To check this setting, open MVP, and then click on Markvision > Administrative Settings > Quick Find. Click here for illustration.
  3. Add Address. To check this setting, click on Device Discovery: Device Profiles > Add. Click here for illustration.

Other NOTES:

  • - If you have not changed the default community name, enter the case-sensitive community name (an SNMP security feature).
  • - The default SNMP community name is "public" on ALL Lexmark products. 
  • - The community name functions like a password for the TCP/IP protocols and is stored inside the print server.
  • - The community name you specify here must match the community name stored in the print server or you will not be allowed to reconfigure or monitor the print server.
  • - Other than possible UCF configuration of the Community Name, a telnet session using port 9000 is currently the only way this setting can be changed on the printer.



Further Investigation

Further investigation of this type of issue may require an escalation with Lexmark Technical Support.

You may required or requested to perform the following:

  1. Go to http://localhost:9180/~MvServer.
  2. Go to Trace tab on the left-hand pane.
  3. Switch all the options regarding 'device.discovery and 'device.refine to ON.
  4. Stop the MarkVision server.
  5. Delete the log files from \Lexmark\MarkVision Server\granite.
  6. Now restart the MarkVision server and start a discovery.
  7. After 10-15 minutes collect the contents of the MarkVision.log and granite.trace files from \Lexmark\MarkVision Server\granite.
  8. Contact Lexmark Technical Support and also be equipped to send the 'data folder from \Lexmark\MarkVision Server\granite.


Still Need Help?




If you need additional assistance, please see Contact information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your printer machine/model type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.

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