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Resource Guide to Fax Troubleshooting Topics and Other Fax Related Information (Dec.'09)

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A Fax issue; Cannot receive fax; Unable to send fax; Cannot fax forward; Memory Full; Intervention Request Message; Incoming Fax; No Answer; Fax Errors; Poor Quality Faxes


Fax troubleshooting; Fax receive; Fax send; Fax toc; table of contents



This fax table of contents may help you locate a fax-related KnowledgeBase article.

It is updated frequently; however, it is still advisable that you perform multiple searches with multiple search terms. 

If you are unable to find the topic of interest below, also consider referencing the User's Guide for your MFP.


Topics have been categorized as follows:





NOTE: Topics in bold are recent or most frequently used.

Article Link
Fax Problems or Issues with Digital Phone Lines; Voice Over Internet Protocol Fax Issues Click here
Fax Troubleshooting with Auto Answer, Distinctive Ring, Enable Manual Fax Settings: Fax Solutions for the Lexmark X204, X26x, X36x and X54x MFPs Click here

Main Contributing Factors to Fax Receive Failure: Enable Fax Receive, Distinctive Ring, Noisy Line and Others

Click here
How to Enable Fax Receive, Change Distinctive Ring Settings and Adjust Fax Receive Rates Click here
How to Prevent Junk Faxes on Any Touch Screen MFP or AIO; How to Add Phone Numbers to the Banned Fax List

Click here

Failure of 'Home Screen Customization' Setting to 'Display' Function Icon on Lexmark X65x or X46x MFP Click here
Exclamation Mark over the Fax Icon and a Flashing 'Red' or Solid 'Green' Light on the X65x, X45x Series Multifunction Printers Click here
Lexmark X204n Holds Faxes Until Power Cycle and Other Fax Behavior Anomalies Click here
Faxless X651e and Related Products: How to Remove the Red Flashing LED and Exclamation Point over Fax Icon Click here
Error: "900.43 Service RIP Software" receiving Faxes with the X64xe, X85xe, X94xe, X782xe, or 4600 Scanner-Equipped MFPs Click here
900.94 Message Displayed on the Lexmark X203 and X204 MFP Click here.
Corrupt Fax Data Generates a 900.94 Firmware Error on the Lexmark X462, X464 and X466 MFPs Click here.
Intermittent Fax Forwarding Issue on X64xe, X85xe, X94xe, X782xe, or 4600 Scanner-Equipped MFPs Click here
Memory Full or Intervention Request Messages Can Prevent X64xe, X85xe, X95xe, X646ef Fax Functionality; Further Suggestions Require Contacting Lexmark Technical Support Click here
Incoming Fax Not Displayed in Full on the Page on the X644e and X646e Click here
Fax Receive "No Answer": Possible Firmware Update and Post Code Update Check for Non-US Geographies (If Fax Still Fails) Click here
Incoming Faxes Still Ring After the Speaker Is Turned Off on X342 MFP Click here
Fax Errors When the X34X Multifunction Printer Is Powered On Click here
Poor Quality Faxes at Receiving End Click here
How to Enable the Fax on the X215

Click here

Faxes Will Not Print After a New Cartridge Is Installed on the X215 Click here
Error 033-762 When Receiving a Fax on the Lexmark X560n MFP Click here
Simplex Fax Is Run as a Duplex Through the ADF (X64x, X65x and affiliated MFPs) Click here


'How to' information 

Topic Article Link
Fax Server Mode: Concepts and Configuration Click here
How to Disable or Enable Primary Functions/Features via Initial Setup Wizard and the Effects on Visible Home Screen Icons Click here
How to Enable Fax Feature If Fax Card Is Added to a Faxless Lexmark X46x and X65x Series MFP: Turn Your 3-in-1 into a 4-in-1MFP Click here
Auto Print Logs: How to Activate a Snapshot of the Most Recent Fax Activity and Behavior Click here
How to Disable V.34 Modulation on the Lexmark X560n MFP Click here
How to Set Up Fax Forwarding on the X644e, X646e, and X85X Multifunction Printers  Click here
How to Use the "To Format" Setting in the Fax Server Setup on the X64X and X85X MFP Click here
How to Prevent Junk Faxes on Any Touch Screen MFP or AIO; How to Add Phone Numbers to the Banned Fax List Click here


General information 

Topic Article Link
Firmware Update Release Notes for X65xe Series MFPs: Enhancements and Added Functionality (Jan. '09) Click here
Common Embedded Web Server Settings for MFPs Click here
Fax Forward Function Generates PDFs on the X644e, X646e and X85Xe Click here
What is the Maximum Number of Shortcuts That Can Be Used on the X64X and X85X Multifunction Printers? Click here
Which Fax Servers Are Supported?  Click here

Last Resort Suggestion if Faxing Using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Click here
User Interface Reverts to Home Screen After Flatbed Cover Is Opened and Closed on the X642e MFP   Click here
Explanation of the Date Format on the Fax Header of the Lexmark X646e MFP Click here



Downloadable Content

If ALL fax diagnosis steps have been exhausted, the information within the following documents will be necessary to escalate the issue to Lexmark's next level of support. 


The following documents provide instructions on capturing required fax pre-escalation data.

Once all information is obtained, please call Lexmark Technical Support for further assistance.   

Important! The accuracy of the information you provide is critical to successful diagnosis and expedient fix suggestions.

NOTE: Lexmark's fax engineering team requires a full explanation of all attempted tests and countermeasures performed to alleviate the fax issue.   


MFP Models Document for download
Fax Troubleshooting and Escalation Essentials X64x, X65x, X73x, X46x, X85x, X864, X94x, and 4600 scanner-equipped products. Click here
Fax Escalation Form  REQUIRED All products Click here
Fax Escalation Guide


  • X422 MFP
  • MFPs with the following scanner machine/model numbers
    • 4036-301
    • 4036-302
    • 4036-304
    • 4036-305
    • 4036-306
    • 4036-501
Click here


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