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MarkVision Professional Custom Table Export CSV Data Export File Will Not Display Correctly

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Table will not display properly; Export not working; Improper csv data; Misrepresentation of data; Column data not correct


How to create a custom table; How to export table data; MVP; MarkVision Professional 10.2; MarkVision Professional 10.2.1; csv file; Excel column data; Data export guide


What you will see (MVP 10.2 only)

The columns of a custom table do not properly export to a .csv file.

CSV – Comma Separated Value (separable variable)

Click here for illustration.


Suggested Remedy

  1. Click on View > Custom Tables > Create/Manage... menu.
  2. Click on New.
  3. Select the columns you are interested in viewing.
  4. Select a device and click on the table you just created by going to View > Custom Tables > Table Name.
  5. You will see a table showing data for the device.
  6. Before exporting the data, press the refresh button within MVP, or the F5 key  to refresh the custom table pane.
  7. Export the .csv file.

IMPORTANT! Exporting the contents, make sure that all the columns are showing data on the table on MarkVision.

NOTE: Depending on the number of printers, it may take some time to populate.
HINT: Please hit refresh and export the contents only after the table has finished populating all the data.

Click here for illustration.


If... Then... And...
A column of the custom table is changed to suit a particular view – This custom table exposes a Java problem that causes the refresh functionality to not work automatically – Any export done afterward causes improper reflection of data.



Related Information

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