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MarkVision Professional Instability with Scheduled Events, Alerts, Discovery, Device Policy, Tasks and Other MarkVision Professional Functionality

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Missing alerts; Missing setting data from folders that pertain to actions; device policies; tasks; profiles and other MVP functionality; Grayed out MVP client window; Lost scheduled events; MVP instability resulting from frequent data loss.


How to change time interval; How to access Mvserv; How to get to Mvserv client; services.persistence.elementPersist; localhost; default; MarkVision Professional v11.1; v11.2


What you may see with MVP 11.1 and 11.2

MarkVision Professional fails to save setting changes made to the MarkVision server.

This failure results in the any of the following:  

  • - Missing alerts.
  • - Missing setting data from folders that pertain to actions, device policies, tasks, profiles and other MVP functionality.
  • - Grayed out MVP client window.
  • - Lost scheduled events.
  • - MVP instability resulting from frequent data loss.


Suggested Fix

Change the time interval for persistent* data to be written to the element persistence* parameter.

* - Configuration setting data that is saved to the computer's hard drive for future use by MarkVision Professional.


Decision table

This table may assist in determining the correct time interval for your MVP environment.

Markvision Professional Conditions Suggested time interval
  • - Large number of products
  • - Heavy folder contents
  • - High number of concurrent intensive MVP tasks
  • - Busy network
  • - Host memory allocation or configuration concerns (Increase the memory allocated to MVserver to 1536MB)

NOTE: Memory allocation or configuration concerns on host will cause slowdown of frequent persistence operations

1200 seconds or 20 minutes
  • -Medium sized MVP deployments
  • -MVP performing a moderate number of concurrent intensive tasks
  • -More frequent Markvision server restarts
  • -Moderate network traffic
  • -Memory allocation or configuration concerns

600 seconds or 10 minutes (Recommended)

NOTE: Restarting the server before this interval time will cause lost settings.

 Smaller less active deployments The default persistence time interval level of 5 seconds will suffice.

MVP Change Notification: MVP11.2.1 now has a default interval value of 600 seconds

Procedure: How to change the element persistence parameter time interval


  1. Open web browser
  2. In the address field, enter http://ip.address.of.mvpserver:9180/~MvServer (replacing ip.adress.of.mvpserver with the server's IP address).

Important! This URL is case sensitive. Enter exactly as displayed above. You can substitute "localhost" for the IP address if you are working from the computer(host) where the MV server resides. 

  1. Click on Parameters.
  2. Scroll down the page and locate services.persistence.elementPersist.
  3. Increase the value.

Recommendation: 600 seconds or 10 minutes

  1. Click Save at the top of the screen.
  2. Stop and restart Mvserver as instructed.

Important! Restarting the server after changing the time interval could crash certain persisted settings. Hence, be careful when scheduling time to perform this setting change. 


Effect of this time interval change:

Any change done at an instant on the server will be saved only at the next 10 minute interval point. The worst case scenario is an approximate 10 minute wait from the moment a change is made to the server.

Important! If within the next 10 minute time interval the server is restarted,  or power is lost, any changes will not be saved to the disk.

Click here for illustration.


Further Explanation

  • -The time interval is such so that any amount of configuration on the server can be safely persisted(saved) on the server for use at a later time.
  • -Intended to prevent persistent files from damage by power shutdowns, server restarts and other possible busy MVP/network conditions.
  • -Server restart or power shutdown causes the server to suddenly stop causing any tasks running to be left incomplete.
  • -Incomplete tasks then cause MVP functionality dependent upon persistent data to never be written to the disk in its entirety.
  • -Hence, this causes file corruption and unreliable persistent data. 
  • -The default 5 second interval of persistance runs more frequently.


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