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MVP 11.2: Plug-in for Lexmark X26x, X36x, X46x MFP and Release Note Information

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Cannot apply PCL font settings; Scan job statistics; Required user credential error; Not able to set up internal account password; Unable to use MVP with; Custom background image missing


How to install MVP plugin; How to upgrade MVP; Plug-in; MarkVision Professional 11.2



MarkVision Professional (MVP) latest plug-in provides support for these MFPs:

  • - Lexmark X264dn

  • - Lexmark X363dn

  • - Lexmark X364dn

  • - Lexmark X364dw

  • - Lexmark X463de

  • - Lexmark X464de

  • - Lexmark X466dte

  • - Lexmark X466dtwe

Installing the plug-in 

  1. Download DeviceSupportPack 11_2_ver.1(1) and extract the file. (Optionally, check here for the latest plug-in versions and additional MVP information.) 

  2. Install the plug-in on your MVP server. (For information on how to install MVP plug-ins, click here.)

  3. Reboot your MVP server. (Click here for instructions.) 

Known Issues (V1.0) 

  1. Cannot apply PCL Font settings. The PCL font settings (Name, Symbol Set...) under Settings > Print > PCL > Default Font cannot be applied. 
    For example, if a user attempts to change and apply these settings, the MVP client will display 'Default Font Could Not Be Applied'. 
    Option: Perform this function from the printer's operator panel via Menus > Settings > Print Settings > PCL Emul Menu.

  2. Scan Job Statistics not recorded in RAWJASCANJOB table.
    For example, data related to scan job statistics (Job Statistics: Trend Analysis task in MVP) is not recorded in the RAWJASCANJOB table.

  3. 'Required User Credentials' error on a printer whose remote management is secured by the Internal Account building block.
    For example: 
    The Required User Credentials parameter is changed from 'User ID' to 'User ID and Password' by using the MVP task or the device's web page*MVP should not be able to manage the printer unless an Internal Account User ID and password are specified on the Advanced Credentials task.MVP continues to allow device management with User ID.
    Option: Re-apply this setting, or set Required User Credentials to 'User ID and Password' again.

    * - Embedded web server; for example, http://mfp_ip_address, where ip_address is the TCP/IP address of the printer. 

  4. Missing the 'Custom Background Image' task.
    For example, the Custom Background Image task is missing under Device Policy. This task is available under Settings > MFP > Custom Background Image.

Remember: This is the first version of the plug-in; future versions should resolve most of these issues. 

Still Need Help? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need to know your printer model type and serial number.
Please call from near the printer and a computer with MVP in case the technician asks you to perform a task with one of these products. 

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