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'Remove Internal Packaging' Message Is Displayed on the Control Panel

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Affected products

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What you will see

A "Remove Internal Packaging" message is appearing on the Lexmark C540, C543 or C544 Color Laser Printer or on the X543, X544 Color MFP. This indicates that some of the packing material that shipped with the printer remained inside the printer when the unit was powered on.




Step Action Image



Power off the printer/MFP.


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Open the printer/MFP and remove any packaging material that was left inside during setup. (For more information click here: C54xX54x)


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Remove and reinstall the paper tray.  Power the printer/MFP on.
Did the error message return?

Yes: Continue to Step 4.
No: The error is resolved.

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Power off the printer/MFP and open the front cover.


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On the left-hand side of the printer/MFP you will see a black sensor assembly. There should be an L-shaped flag that is able to swing back and forth inside the sensor assembly.
Is the L-shaped flag present?

Yes: Continue to Step 6.
No: Continue to Contacting Lexmark.



Ensure that the flag swings freely back and forth. Close the front cover and power the printer/MFP on.
Did the error return?

Yes: Continue to Contacting Lexmark.
No: The error is resolved.

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Contacting Lexmark

If you need additional assistance, please close this browser tab or go to the Lexmark support site, type your printer model and locate Get in Touch with Lexmark! for contact information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need the following:

  • Printer model
  • Printer serial number (click here C54xX54x)
  • Toner/imaging unit/waste toner bottle part number and serial number (for supply-related issues)

Please be near the product/s described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce callbacks.



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