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X5600, X6600, X7600 Series Inkjet All-In-Ones: Improve Performance with Answering Machines and Fax Using Digital Internet Service Provider Phone Service

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Internet service provider fax; Dropped faxes; Max send speed equals max receive speed; Pick up on setting will not work; Inconsistent faxes; Answering machine picks up voice calls; Printer picks up voice calls; Failed fax transmission; Receive failure; Fax failure; Ring detection problem; Fax over IP issue; Number of rings; CNG tones not recognized; Fax does not pick up call when made to DSL modem together with answering machine; DSL phone


What you will see

Fax performance may be adversely affected by one of the following: 

  • Missed or dropped faxes due to ring detection issues with certain answering machines, or
  • Missed faxes if fax connected to a DSL phone line via answering machine, or
  • FOIP (fax over IP) could cause inconsistent results.       

Recommended Action 

Download and upgrade the latest box firmware, and then perform one of the procedures below based on your symptoms. 
This firmware improves device performance as follows: 
  • Increases the number of selectable rings on the AIO from 5 to 9 in an effort to prevent the AIO's fax modem from picking up a voice call, or the answering machine from picking up a fax. 
  • Improves the AIO's fax speed settings as VOIP (voice over IP) service providers typically recommend 9600 bps to 14.4 kbps for FOIP.    
    Reason: Digital-to-Analog conversion performed by a service provider's modem may cause signal loss, or a lower signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The AIO requires an analog signal for fax functionality.           

Step Action
Download the printer (box) firmware.  

NOTE: New printer firmware versions will vary by printer model as follows:

  • X7600 Series AIOs. Click here to download firmware.
  • X5600 and 6600 Series AIOs. Click here to download firmware. 

IMPORTANT! X5690 and X6690 owners should not download the above firmware. An incorrect firmware update will result in a cartridge mismatch error.  
If you purchased your printer at any of the following locations, please Click here to download the appropriate firmware.  

Geography Retailer
Australia Harvey Norman
Brazil Lexmark
CAN Best Buy - Future Shop
USA  Circuit City
UK/ Ireland DSG - Dixons
  2 When prompted to Save or Run, select Save and choose a location that is easy to find.  Windows Desktop is recommended.
  3 When the download is complete, double-click on the .exe (self-extracting executable) file.
  4 Accept the License Agreement, and click Next.
  5 The AIO Firmware Update Utility will open and display an update confirmation. Click Yes.
NOTE: If the confirmation is not visible, move the AIO Firmware Update Utility window out of the way.  
  6 The Utility displays a progress bar and the printer displays Updating firmware, Do Not Power Off Machine.
  7 Firmware Update Complete will appear at the end of the update. 

Click here for illustration of the update procedure. 

Procedure: Answering machine anomaly

This  increases the number of rings by a factor of 2 over the answering machine. For example, if the answering machine is set to pick up on 4 rings, this will set the AIO to pick up on 6 rings. 
  1. Update the firmware as described above.
  2. Press the Setup button.
  3. Navigate to Fax Setup, and then press OK.
  4. Navigate to Pick Up On, and then press OK.
  5. Navigate to a value that is 2 rings higher than what is configured on your answering machine.
  6. Press OK.

Procedure:  FOIP (Fax over IP) Inconsistency

    1. Update the firmware as described above.
    2. Press the Setup button.
    3. Navigate to Fax Setup, and then press OK.
    4. Navigate to Dialing and Sending, and then press OK.
    5. Navigate to Max Send Speed, and then press OK.
      NOTE: The receive speed will match the set send speed.  
    6. Navigate to 9600 bps, and then press OK.
    7. Test at this speed. If successful at this baud rate, you can try 14.4 kbps  [14,400 bps].



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