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Repeated '290' Paper Jam Messages Occur When Using the Automatic Document Feed (ADF) on a Lexmark X64x Series Printer

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Paper Jam; Scanner Jam; 290 Paper Jam; Error Code 290; Error: 290.00; Error: 290.01; Error: 290.02; Error: 290.10; 290.xx errors


What you will see

  • The printer displays a 290 type paper jam message (290.01, 290.02, etc.) each time you try to print using the automatic document feeder (ADF).
  • The paper does not feed into the ADF at all.  


In most cases, a jammed sheet of paper was removed improperly. Improper removal can cause the pick roller shaft to move out of position. When this occurs, the paper pick roller will not turn to pull the paper.
NOTE: When removing a jammed sheet of paper from the ADF scanner, always open the ADF cover, then carefully remove any jammed pages. If the page does not come out easily, use the green wheel to advance the page or lift the flatbed scanner cover and try to access the page from the bottom. Click here for more details.

Check the pick roller arm

Step Action Image
  1 To confirm this issue, load one sheet of paper into the ADF assembly.
  2 Press the   button, or select Copy from the main menu and then press Copy It. . . .
The printer should attempt to feed the sheet of paper into the scanner. Watch the pick roller (see the image to the right) to see if it drops down to grab the sheet of paper. If the pick roller does not move, the pick assembly is probably out of place. Continue with the steps below.

NOTE: If the pick roller does drop down and attempt to pull the paper but the paper itself does not move, it is likely that the pick roller is worn or dirty. Try cleaning or replacing it. For more information on cleaning the pick roller, click here.

For larger image, click here.
  4 Power off the printer and open the ADF top cover.
  5 Locate the pick arm assembly. Look for a white piece of plastic located near the front of the pick arm. This is the cam unit.  
For larger image, click here.
Confirm that the cam is in the correct position, as shown in the top picture here. The clear plastic tab on the front of the pick arm assembly should be resting on top of the white plastic cam.

  • If the cam is in the correct position, the ADF may require a service action to correct the issue. For assistance in arranging service, please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service provider.
  • If the clear plastic tab is below the white plastic cam, as shown in the picture labeled 'Incorrect', you will need to remove and reseat the pick arm assembly to rectify the feed issue. Continue with the steps in the table below.
Correct Position

For larger image, click here.
For larger image, click here.

Remove and reseat the pick arm assembly

NOTE: The procedures in the table below can be performed by a customer. However, if you do not feel confident about carrying out this procedure by yourself or if you encounter any problems with it, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for assistance. See 'Contacting Lexmark Technical Support' at the end of this document

Step Action Image
  1 Confirm that the printer is powered off and the ADF top cover is open. . . . .
  2 Grasp the pick arm assembly. Move it towards the front of the printer. The shaft should come out of the black plastic holder on the rear side. Then remove the pick arm assembly.  
For larger image, click here.
  3 When reinstalling the pick arm assembly into the front of the printer (see picture), position the white cam so that it is now below the clear plastic tab on the pick arm shaft, as shown in the image.  
For larger image, click here.

Reseat the pick arm shaft into the black plastic holder.

IMPORTANT! There are tabs on the pick arm shaft that align with slots in the black plastic holder. Make sure to rotate the holder so that the tabs on the shaft line up with the slots on the holder.

For larger image, click here.
  5 Close the ADF top cover.

Power on the printer and try making a copy from the ADF again. If 290 type paper jam messages continue, watch the pick roller to confirm it drops down to try to grab the paper. If the roller continues not to move, the ADF may require a service action to correct the issue. For assistance in arranging service, please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service provider.

NOTE: This failure does not affect the performance of the flatbed scanner. You can continue to use the flatbed scanner until you can arrange service to the ADF assembly.


Contacting Lexmark Technical Support 

If you have questions about any of the procedures above or if you require assistance setting up warranty service, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. For contact information, click here.
Be prepared to describe the problem you are experiencing as well as any troubleshooting steps you have already taken to find a solution. You will also need the model type and serial number (SN) of the printer. This information can be found on a label located under the upper front coverClick here for further details.
NOTE: Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a troubleshooting task on the printer.

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