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Print Settings on the X64xe Embedded Web Server

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Print settings on embedded web server



This article provides a brief description of all the configurable settings found under Configuration > Print SettingsNOTE: Security permissions set on the device may prevent access to these settings.

Print Setting menus

The following Print Setting menus are accessible via the EWS: 

  • Finishing Menu

  • Quality Menu

  • Setup Menu

  • PostScript Menu

  • PCL Emul Menu

  • PDF Menu

  • HTML Menu

  • Image Menu

EWS = Embedded Web Server

Finishing Menu

Bold text indicates MFP default settings.
EWS SettingPurposeConfiguration Selections Available
CopiesThe Copies value will be overridden by the value in the application. Range 1-999
Blank PagesHelps control the printing of excess blank pages in application-specific scenarios. Do Not Print or Print
CollationDetermines whether multipage jobs exit the printer sequentially when removed from the exit tray, e.g. as numbered pages 123, 123, 123 or as pages 111, 222, 333 etc.On or Off
Separator SheetsAs jobs build up on the exit tray, this feature places a blank page between multiple individual job types. 

  • None

  • Between Copies

  • Between Jobs

  • Between Pages
Separator SourceThis setting allows you to specify the source tray of your separator sheets and is dependent on the number of installed and recognized input trays or drawers.Variable value plus MP Feeder.
Multipage PrintAlso called N-Up under the software driver's Paper tab, this setting will typically be overridden by the driver setting.  However, turning this on at the printer may benefit other job types, such as multipage faxes or copy jobs. 

  • Off

  • 2,3,4,6,9,12,16 Up
Multipage OrderDetermines the viewable layout configuration of individual pages of a multipage print job.

  • Horizontal

  • Vertical

  • Reverse Horizontal

  • Reverse Vertical
Multipage ViewDetermines whether a landscape or portrait layout of multipage print jobs is used. 

  • Auto

  • Long Edge

  • Short Edge
Multipage BorderEmulates the border of a piece of paper by printing a line around the perimeter of individual pages in a multipage print job. None or Solid


Quality Menu

EWS SettingPurposeConfiguration Selections Available
Print Resolution
Please take note that:

  • Source image or file resolution cannot be increased to improve d.p.i. (dots per inch) to any great effect. 

  • Source image or file resolution can be decreased by the driver's print resolution settings to decrease spool file size or save toner.

  • The print resolution setting found under the Print Quality tab of the driver will override this printer setting for print resolution.

  • Print resolution can improve or decrease print quality depending on source file, paper type, and paper texture.

  • This setting is useful if printing files from a thumb or flash drive, pre-processed PostScript files, or raw print queue environments where resolution cannot be specified via application or driver.

  • 300, 600, 1200, 1200 Image Q, 2400 Image Q (Quality)
Toner DarknessIncrease or decrease the darkness of text or an image by adjusting this setting.  This setting will be overridden by the driver's Toner Darkness setting, which is typically found under Printing Preferences > Print Quality.  If changing the driver setting has no effect on output, try changing this setting. 5, Range: 1-10
Enhance Fine LinesLines as thin as 1 pel may not be visible to the naked eye.  This setting will attempt to exaggerate the line so that it is visible. Off or On
BrightnessThis setting may enhance the appearance of printed grayscale images where intricate details may appear dull or too dark. 0, Range: -6 to 6
ContrastThis setting may enhance the appearance of highly detailed grayscale images by sharpening the edges of individual lines or pels. 0, Range: 0 - 5
Gray CorrectionThis setting offers the ability to place brightness and contrast control at the printer level. Turning it to Off switches to completely manual control of grayscale images. The driver setting is typically found under Printing Preferences > Print Quality > More Print Quality OptionsOff or Auto



Setup Menu

EWS SettingPurposeConfiguration Selections Available
Printer LanguageForce printer into PCL or PostScript emulation. Operating system, application, source document, and printer driver typically override this setting.PCL Emulation or PS Emulation
Download TargetAllows for the selection of the temporary RAM (Random Access Memory) or permanent hard drive or flash memory for frequently used fonts, barcodes, macros, and overlays.RAM, Disk, Flash
Print Area
Modifies the logical and physical print area on the printer.
Clipped images may result if print data is outside of the Normal pre-defined print area. This setting only applies to PCL 5 sources in conjunction with the Universal print driver or other operating system environments.  It will have no effect on PCL 6 (XL) or PostScript interpreters.  
Normal, Fit to Page, or Whole
Job AccountingSee Reports > Device Statistics.  This feature stores usage information on the hard drive. Off or On


PostScript Menu

EWS SettingPurposeConfiguration Selections Available
Print PS ErrorPrints offending command information if enabled while the print job is being discarded.Off or On
Font PriorityResident will search NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory) for proper font before searching the hard drive or flash memory for downloaded fonts. The opposite will occur if this setting is changed to Flash/Disk.  This setting may have performance repercussions.Resident or Flash/Disk


PCL Emulation Menu

EWS SettingPurposeConfiguration Selections Available
OrientationThe direction in which text or graphics print in relation to the short edge or long edge of a piece of paper. Portrait or Landscape
A4 WidthAdjustment of the logical print area wide enough to enable printing of additional characters.  Eighty 10-pitch characters if 203mm is selected. 198 or 203
Auto Carriage Return after Line FeedAbsent carriage return commands from the source print file may result in multiple pages or stair-stepping of printer output.  This setting will force a carriage return after the line feed command.Off or On
Auto Line Feed after Carriage ReturnAbsent line feed commands from the source print file may result in line-overlap, causing illegible printer output.  This setting will force a line feed after the carriage return command. Off or On


PDF Menu

EWS SettingPurposeConfiguration Selections Available
Scale to FitScales image to fit on available paper installed in paper tray.  For example, you may print a PDF from a USB flash drive. No or Yes
AnnotationsEliminates or includes PDF file annotations (e.g. stamps, sticky notes, digital signatures, redline comments. and more.)Do not Print or Print



EWS SettingPurposeConfiguration Selections Available
Font SizeSets default font size for html documents.  12 Range: 1pt. -255 pt. in 1 increments.
OrientationPortrait is a print orientation that is parallel with the short edge side of a piece of paper. Portrait or Landscape
ScaleSets default scaling of html documents. 100 Range: 1% - 400% in1 increments.
Margin SizeDefined margin for html documents.19 Range: 8mm - 255mm in 1 increments.
BackgroundsEliminate background information or graphics for html documents.Print or Do Not Print


Image Menu

EWS SettingPurposeConfiguration Selections Available
ScalingAdjust image placement on paper.

  • Best Fit

  • Anchor Top Left

  • Anchor Center

  • Fit Height/Width

  • Fit Height
Auto FitForces placement of image to fit available paper dimensions. NOTE:  May alter or override scaling and orientation settings to make this possible.On or Off
InvertInverts bi-tonal monochrome images. NOTE:  Not available with GIF or JPEG image formats. Off or On
OrientationLandscape is a print orientation that is parallel with the long edge side of a piece of paper.

  • Portrait

  • Landscape

  • Reverse Portrait

  • Reverse Landscape


Contacting Lexmark

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical SupportNOTE:  When calling for support you will need your printer machine/model type and serial number.
Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician requires you to perform a task on one of these devices. 

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