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Horizontal void in scanned images

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Small horizontal voids on the image; Parts of the image are missing.


OptraImage 232; Scanning from the flatbed; Dirty flatbed glass prevents the reflected light from being returned to the imaging device in the scanner, creating a noticeable void.; Improper positioning of the document could cause the page to have an air pocket between the glass and the document surface, which results in a loss of reflected light.


Performing these two steps will prevent most voids in scanned images:

  1. The scanner glass should be cleaned and maintained as outlined in the OptraImage user manuals. (Warning! Never spray or pour liquids onto the scanner glass.)
  2. Make sure the document is placed flat on the glass surface, with no wrinkles in the media.
    Should the void remain after the glass has been cleaned, please contact your next level of support for assistance.

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