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Wireless Inkjet Installation and Communication Troubleshooting Table of Contents ('13 Update)

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Table of contents; Troubleshooting; Communication; Installation; Driver Installation; TOC; Networking; Wireless; Network Settings issue; Abnormal Wi-Fi Indicator Light Behavior; Wireless Trouble Codes; Connection failed; Replacement; Exchange; Communication not available; Gray; Grey Continue button; Speed modes will not work; Smart Solution issue; Firewall; Printer not responding;



This article and table of contents is organized into basic installation and troubleshooting concepts as follows: 

 If these articles do not assist you in resolving your installation anomaly, please provide feedback to Lexmark. See Still need help? section below. Lexmark welcomes comments from customers as part of an ongoing endeavor to improve online support services and article quality. 

Before You Begin

Answer these questions, since the most common issue encountered is lost network communication with both computer and printer. 

  1. Have you received a warranty-exchanged or replacement printer? Yes, click here for an article that explains how to rejoin your printer to a wireless network.
  2. Have you reset or reconfigured your router's network name and security passphrase? Yes, click here for an article that explains how to rejoin your printer to a wireless network.
  3. Is the computer physically connected to the router? Why is this important?

Whether or not your computer is communicating over the wireless network is important when trying to distinguish between a wireless-network communication issue or a network communication issue. 

  Wired vs. Wireless

Wired Wireless
Network communication occurs via ethernet cable between computer and router.  Network communication occurs via radio communication between computer and router.

  1. Can you access and navigate the Internet from your computer? Why is this important?

This further identifies a network communication issue versus a wireless communication issue.


Decision Table

If... Then...
No, I cannot access the internet with a wired or wireless connection to the computer. Perform the Reset Procedure below. Contact router or ISP if this does not re-establish network communication.
Yes, I can access the Internet but only with an ethernet cable connected between computer and router. Click here to start troubleshooting, or explore the topics covered below. 
Yes, I can access the Internet with a wireless network connection and only the printer fails to communicate or print. Click here to start troubleshooting, or explore the topics covered below.

ISP – Internet Service Provider


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 Optional reset procedure

If you are experiencing wireless communication errors or cannot print, please try these basic steps before proceeding the table of contents.

On the Printer: 
  1. Turn off the printer or all-in-one, and unplug it.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Plug the printer back in and power it on.

On the PC:
  1. Save your work, and reboot the machine.

On the Router and/or modem (if printing wirelessly):
  1. Unplug the router and modem.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Plug in the modem, and wait for it to come to a ready state.
  4. Plug in the router.

At this point, try printing again. These steps help fix a number of communication issues between the host (PC) and the client (the printer/all-in-one).

If following these steps did not fix your issue, please continue reading for other solutions.


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 Table of Contents: Recommended Topics and Article Links  

IMPORTANT! Some articles below reference a specific printer or AIO model; however, please view this content as many wireless concepts are identical.  


Installation and Communication Troubleshooting Topics

See also Firewall and Firmware topics below if article content does not help resolve issue. 

Communication Basics
Topic or Article Title Article link

#1 – Print the Network Settings(Setup) Page

This article benefits any person wanting to know more about the printer's network configuration settings. This procedure benefits both first-time installers and users having difficulty with printer communication.

More common uses of network settings page.

  • Status
  • Signal Strength and Quality
  • Trouble code
  • IP address
  • Printer/router gateway address

See Network Setup Page instructions below.

Click here (example only)

Click here for a list of Trouble codes and suggestions. Otherwise, you can locate additional troubleshooting information below.

#2 – Wi-Fi Indicator Light Behavior

Benefit: Provides troubleshooting basics and a basic understanding of the various personality traits of the Wi-Fi indicator light.

Click here
#3 – How to Troubleshoot a Wi-Fi Connection: "Wireless Trouble Codes" on Network Settings Page Click here

"Connection Failed" Error When Trying to Configure the Print Server Using the Wireless Setup Utility/Wizard

Benefit: Installation related article relating the printer's inability to the join the wireless network.

Click here

How and When to Rejoin Your Printer to Your Wireless Network.

Benefit: New or warranty exchange printers; new or replacement routers; a change in SSID or security parameters on the router; relocation of printer to a different network and many other reasons to consider this article.

Click here

How to Reconfigure the Printer Using the Wireless Setup (Configuration) Utility

Benefit: If the router has been reset, or if you have changed routers, or if router security settings have been changed, this procedure is for you. 

Click here

"Communication Not Available" Error; Printer No Longer Responding to Print Requests; Documents Fail to Print or

Benefit: Provides post installation advice. 

Click here
General Wi-Fi Information and Network Connectivity Tests
How to Determine Wireless Signal Strength or Radio Signal Strength Click here
How to Ping an IP Address; Important Low-level Communication Test Click here
How to Access the Embedded Web Server; A Brief Description of Available Settings Click here
Methods for Identifying the IP Address of the AIO or Printer

Note: This article references a 4600 Series AIO but is applicable to all printers.
Click here
How to Obtain the Computer's IP Parameters; How to Make Sure the Printer Is on the Same Network Click here
The Network Settings Page as a First Step Recommendation for Identifying Network Communication Problems Click here
Verifying Your Current Active Network (Windows) Click here
Professional 700,800,900 Series AIOs: How to Switch from a Wired to Wireless Network and Network Adapter Behavior Click here
Installation Specific Topics
"Grey Continue Button" Prevents Installation Click here
Proper Connection of Computer with Broadband Telephone Service Click here

How to Prevent Having to Re-run the Wireless Setup Utility

Benefit: This article will benefit users that perform this procedure before resetting the router. This is a preemptive measure to having to reconnect a USB cable to the host computer, but it does require a functioning wireless printer connection. 

Click here
Special Proprietary Speed Modes on the Router May Not Work with Lexmark Wireless Inkjet Printers Click here
Could Not Find the "Lxdw_device" service on Local Computer after Installation Click here
Installation Failure Involving Lexmark S200, S300, S400, S500, Pro 700, 800, 900 Series AIOs with Slovak Language Click here
Warranty-exchanged or Replacement Printer Instructions Click here
New Router, Reset, or Reconfigured router Instructions Click here
Advanced Users Quick Troubleshooting Path: Post-installation troubleshooting path
  • Print Network Settings Page.   
  • Verify host computer is communicating over the network.    
  • Verify a solid green Wi-Fi indicator light. 
  • Follow the "Wireless Print Server Is No Longer Responding to Print Requests" article. 
  • Ping printer IP address. 
  • Ping computer gateway address. 
  • See also Firewall topics.
Advanced Users: Quick troubleshooting  for installation "Connection Failed" errors.
  • Print out the network settings page to identify the troublecode. Click here for additional information. 
  • Select Change network settings, and click Continue if performing the installation, and...
  • Confirm proper network name (SSID), especially if duplicate default SSIDs detected, and...
  • Confirm proper security type (none, WEP, WPA, WPA2).
    NOTE: WPA2 requires selection of Advanced WPA Options button (Windows).  
  • Confirm proper spelling, capitalization, and extra spaces in the entered network key/passphrase. 
  • Confirm DHCP Server on the router (AP) is turned On
  • Confirm Draft-N router is operating in Mixed b/g/n mode
  • Confirm Draft-N router is not operating in the 5 Ghz band; 2.4 GHz operation only. 
  • Confirm firewall exceptions are allowed or temporarily disable firewall protection. 
  • Make sure you are not connected to your workplace's virtual private network (VPN). 
  • Confirm the host computer is communicating over the network. 
  • Consider relocation of the printer in relation to the access point. 
  • See Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) recommendations. Click here here for further information.
Smart Solutions Communication
Incorrect Date After Printer Restart Prevents Contact with Smart Solution Server See Firmware topics below.
How to Configure the E-mail Server Settings for Use by Smart Solutions Click here
How to Configure Date and Time to Enable Smart Solutions Click here
TWAIN Scanner Communication
Unable to Scan with "Lexmark Printer Home" Click here
Basic Communication Tests and "TWAIN" Driver Issues That May Cause "Scan Was Not Successful" Message Click here
Cannot Find TWAIN When Scanning OCR Click here
How to Use "Twacker" to Test Function of TWAIN driver Click here


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Firewall Topics

Topic or Article Title Article Link
TCP/IP Ports Utilized by 2007 & 2008 Lexmark Series AIOs and Printers 
Note: Exceptions apply for single function printers.
Click here
Communication Failure When Trying to Scan or Print;
Firewall Blocking Processes and Ports Utilized by 2007 and 2008 Lexmark AIOs and Printers
Note: Exceptions apply for single function printers.
Click here
Communication Failure When Trying to Scan, Print, or Perform a Smart Solution Function;
Firewall Blocking Process and Ports (Update 2011)
Click here
The Effects of Firewall Applications; Cannot Print or Scan; Firewalls Prevent Unknown
Processes from Functioning
Click here
Communication Problems Due to Windows Firewall Exceptions Not Being Selected for Lexmark Click here
USB or Wireless Network Printer Is Not Responding and Print Queue Is Showing Multiple Pending Print Jobs; Possible Firewall Issue Blocking Required Processes Click here
Communication Error When Trying to Print or Scan (Insight provided CA Security Firewall) Click here
ESET Smart Security Firewall Silently Blocking Lexmark Entries During Installation Click here
Comodo Firewall Prevents the Lexmark Printer Driver Communication Click here
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software Firewalls
Scanning Over a Wireless Network Using the Operator Panel Can Be Blocked by the VPN Software Firewall Click here
How to Disable the Microsoft Windows Vista Firewall Click here

How to Verify Microsoft Windows Vista Firewall Exceptions
Note: Process names differ by product generation. See above process and ports articles.

Click here
How to Configure your Firewall in Linux Click here
Mac OS X.5 Firewall Preventing Successful Site Survey with Lexmark Wireless Setup Assistant; Not Able to See 'Join a Network' Screen Click here


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Firmware Topics and Performance Improvements

Topic or Article Title Article Link
X4900 and X7600 Series Firmware Update Click here
X5600, X6600 and X7600 Series AIO Improvements with Answering Machines and Fax Over Internet Protocol Click here
How to Update the Printer or AIO or Printer Wireless Print Server Firmware via the Embedded Web Server or a USB Connection. Click here
How to Update Your Printer Firmware on the S300, S400, S500, S600, Pro200, Pro700, Pro800 & Pro900 Series All-In-One Inkjet Printers Click here
Printing Anomaly in Microsoft Windows Vista; Multi page Print Jobs Not Printing or Partially Printing Click here
Prestige Pro800 and Platinum Pro900 Series: Unable to Connect to Smart Solutions Server for Registration or Updates due to Incorrect date after Printer Restarts Click here
Interact S600 Series: Unable to Connect to Smart Solutions Server for Registration or Updates due to Incorrect date after Printer Restarts Click here


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Installation Topics

Topic or Article Title

Note: Illustrations may vary slightly due to software driver updates.

Article Link
Infrastructure Installation (Windows) Click here
Ad-hoc Installation (Windows) Click here
Cannot Find Network Name (SSID); Manual Entry of Security Values Click here
Installation Failure with VOIP Broadband Telephone Services Click here
How to Reconfigure the Printer Using the Wireless Setup/Configuration Utility or Assistant Click here
French Telecom Boxes and Printer Installation Click here
Also see the User's Guide.  
Professional 700,800,900 Series AIOs: How to Switch from a Wired to Wireless Network and Network Adapter Behavior Click here
The Effects of Firewall Applications See Firewall Topics 


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Apple Macintosh Topics

Topic or Article Title Article Link
Macintosh Networking and Installation Troubleshooting Table of Contents Click here
Wireless Installation Walk-thru with Macintosh OS X v.10.4, 10.5, 10.6 Click here
Apple All-In-One-Center Quits Unexpectedly after Upgrading to Mac OS10.6

Contact Lexmark Technical Support. See Still need help? below.

Article ID# HO3570

Apple Macintosh Clean-up Tool

Benefit: Guarantees a clean installation of the Mac OS 10.6 driver. 

Contact Lexmark Technical Support. See Still need help? below.

Article ID# HO3570

New Driver Releases for Snow Leopard See: Drivers and Downloads > Driver Finder and select your product.
Wireless Functionality Is Lost Using the Bundled Snow Leopard Driver. Click here
How to Add a Network Print Queue for The Genesis S800 Series Printer Click here
How to Capture LexPrint Logs Click here
How to Install the LexPrint Listener Click here


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Networking and Wireless Glossary

Click here for definitions in PDF format.

NOTE: Additional wireless and networking terms can be found in your User's Guide. A .pdf version of this guide is located on your installation CD. Or visit and download it from Publications found under Technical Support.   


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Network Reset and Network Setup Page Information

All-In-One Model How to print the network setup page How to Reset network settings back to factory defaults

S500, Pro200 and Pro700 Series (Intuition, Prospect, Prevail)

Click here Click here

S300 and S400 Series (Impact, Interpret)

Click here Click here

S600 Series, Pro800 Series, Pro900 (Interact, Prestige, Platinum), S800, Pro910, Pro5500 Series

Click here Click here
X6600 Series Click here Click here
X7600 Series Click here Click here
X4900 Series Click here Click here
X4600 Series Click here Click here
Z2400 Series Click here Click here


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