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Lexmark MarkNet N4050e Wireless Print Server Table of Contents

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Cannot connect; Cannot access web page; Cannot print; Unplugged device no longer printing; Light indicators; Print server settings; SE menu


How to install; TOC; How to reset; How to check the print server firmware revision; How to update the print server firmware; How to recreate the port; Table of contents



The table of contents below aims to help end users to retrieve articles that they may be having difficulty finding using the KnowledgeBase search engine.

Table of Contents

Topic & TitleArticle     
How to Verify Connected Status, TCP/IP Parameters, and Wireless (Wi-Fi) Settings; The Network Settings Page ExposedClick here.
How to Reset the MarkNet N4050e Print Server Back to the Factory DefaultsClick here.
How to Identify the IP Address of a Host-based Printer (X215, C500, X500, X502, and various inkjet printers); Host-based Printers Cannot Print the Network Settings PageClick here.
How to Update the MarkNet N4050e Wireless Print Server Firmware via the Embedded Web Server; Additional Methods Click here.
How to Access the MarkNet N4050e Embedded Web Server; A Brief Description of Available SettingsClick here.
How to Access The MarkNet N4050e Telnet Session;  A Brief Discription of FunctionalityClick here.
Default User Name and Password for the MarkNet N4050eClick here.
Networking and Wireless Glossary (Downloadable PDF)Click here.
Infrastructure Installation (Windows)Click here.
Ad-hoc Installation (Windows)Click here.
Lexmark N4050e Advanced  Installation Topics: Cannot Find Network Name (SSID) and Manual Entry of Authentication and Encryption ValuesClick here.
Security Types Supported By the MarkNet N4050eClick here.
How to Configure the MarkNet N4050 (Wireless Adapter) for Use with the C500, X500, and X502 ProductsClick here.
Minimum System RequirementsClick here.
Firmware Upgrade Required for Connection of C500, X500 MFP and X502 MFPClick here.
Wireless Print Server Is No Longer Responding to Print RequestsClick here.
Communication Error When Trying to Configure the Print Server Using the Wireless Setup Utility/WizardClick here.
The Original "IP_Lexmark_N4050e_UAA" Port Has Been Deleted:  How to Create a Standard TCP/IP PortClick here.
How to Access the Network SE Menu; Diagnosis Tool for TroubleshootingClick here.
How to Ping the IP Address Click here.
How to Change the IP Address of the MarkNet N4050e Configured Port; Router's DHCP Server IP Address Assignment Causing Print FailureClick here.

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